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Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash Cymbal 14" A20536

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The Sound Of The Nineties...and The Sound of Today.  Be Timeless with the A Custom From Zildjian

Recognized by their striking brilliant finish, A Custom cymbals feature unique tonal grooves and lower profiles. Together, these attributes produce a smoother, glassier and brighter sounding cymbal with more give when struck. It is these qualities that have made the sound of A Customs particularly sought after in the studio.  The A Custom Cymbals all have a brilliant finish and they feature modern rotary hammering for a thinner weight, fine pattern of narrow symmetrical grooves that create just enough stiffness.

This 14" Zildjian A Custom Fast Crash Cymbal is a super-thin, brilliantly finished crash that is explosively responsive. At the slightest touch, the A Custom Fast Crash opens up immediately with a bright, warm, shimmering voice - making it a dynamic fit for nearly any musical situation. We carry a ton of Zildjian A Custom Cymbals in stock at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.

More Information
SeriesA Custom
Feature 1Bright, airy and responsive Crashes with an extremely short decay
Feature 2Slightly thinner than the existing Custom Crash, the A Custom Fast Crash explodes with color
Cymbal TypeCrashes
Cymbal SeriesA Custom
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