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Zildjian A Avedis Ride Cymbal 22"

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Shane Says

“People tend to romanticize older A Zildjian cymbals. I can attest that while many of them sound outstanding, finding a good one is often a pig in a poke. Cymbals these days - like the new A Avedis series - are much more consistent ... and when I say consistent, I mean consistently GOOD!“

Product Description

This big old 22" Zildjian A Avedis Ride Cymbal is a faithful recreation of the classic A sound from the 1950's. This traditional ride cymbal projects immense musicality and features a thin, loose, played-in feel with a great balance between bright and dark overtones. Stick articulation is prominent with a responsive wash of complex, integrated sustain. The bell provides just the right amount of bright cut. This is a vintage vibed ride that will do it all. We carry a massive inventory of Zildjians at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.

Additional Information

UPC 642388315330
Brand Zildjian
Series Avedis
Cymbal Type Rides
Cymbal Series Avedis