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Yamaha Closed Hi Hat Attachment

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Shane Says

“Yamaha hardware is my choice for the gigging drummer. If you teardown, travel, and setup frequently; go with Yamaha. It's the choice of the major backline companies and rental houses because they know it's THE most reliable hardware on the market.“

Product Description

An excellent option for freeing up your hi-hat foot, the Yamaha CHH-930 Tension Adjustable Closed Hi Hat Holder allows you to have an extra pair of hi hats on your kit. This will allow you some extra musical choices while playing double bass. The adjustable tension lets you choose from a range of hi-hat tightness, from crisp to sloshy. The CHH-930 was designed for use with the HexRackII Rack System, but it will also fit into the lower section of your Yamaha tom stand. The Drum Center of Portsmouth proudly carries Yamaha's full line of drums and hardware.

Additional Information

UPC 086792931043
Brand Yamaha
Series Yamaha 900