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Vater Sugar Maple BeBop 550

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Shane Says

“Vater kiln dries their sticks for a shorter period of time than their competitors. I tend to feel that my snare sounds are better when I use Vater sticks. The reason is that there's a bit more moisture in their sticks, which also helps with the durability.“

Product Description

Smaller grip sized models that are perfect for lower volume or Jazz settings. The quick taper produces a fast rebound with a small tip size for a clean ride cymbal tone. All three BeBop models available in Hickory and Maple. Maple will offer even more of a lighter touch and slightly warmer cymbal tone.

Additional Information

Series Bebop Series Drumsticks
UPC 641652923011
Brand Vater
Stick Series Bebop Series Drumsticks
Stick Type Drum Sticks