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UFIP Bionic Ride Cymbal 20" Heavy

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Shane Says

“The Bionics are my favorite of the UFIP cymbals. They have the right amount of lows, with a touch of top-end sparkle.“

Product Description

Rotocasting is what makes UFIP cymbals different from all the rest. While every other cymbal present on the market is the result of a process of rolling and subsequent pressing, UFIP professional lines cymbals are obtained through a procedure of centrifuge-casting. This process ensures in the first place the removal of all the impurities present in the alloy bronze, granting at the same time a greater thickness of the bell compared to those cymbals obtained by simple pressing. This allows for the best propagation of sound waves along the cymbal surface, ensuring an unmatched sound output. Fine examples of superior craftmanship in both structure and sound, UFIP Rotocast cymbals are made using only the finest B20 Bell Bronze. No other alloy offers such purity of sound or wide dynamic range. A UFIP cymbal is a truly unique instrument, uncomparable in today's modern market. From casting to tempering, hammering to finishing, every process is completed by hand, with machinery only ever used to support the skills of dedicated craftsmen, resulting in an instrument that is as individual as you.

  • Handcrafted in Italy
  • Rotocasting, Handmade, Deep Hammered with Double Punch, Hand Polished
  • Great for Hard Rock, Rock Heavy Metal, Fusion
  • Powerful, bright & warm with overtones, wide dynamics and sustain

Additional Information

UPC 812382020145
Brand UFIP
Series Bionic
Cymbal Type Rides
Cymbal Series Bionic
See also: Cymbals, UFIP Cymbals, Bionic

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