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Trick Pro 1V Bigfoot Double Bass Drum Pedal

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Shane Says

“The best of the best. In my opinion, this is the benchmark, the template of which all other pedals are judged. Other companies can deliver the latest and greatest every January, but the mainstay for the past few years, and many more is the Trick line of pedals. I would suggest a case for this beauty. A Gibraltar Drummer's Tech Kit is a great ten bucks to spend, with felts, key, snare cord, etc, just to toss in the case too. This isn't just about selling you a pedal, it's about building relationships and helping you get the right product to suit your drumming needs. We strive to provide the best service and want to earn your long term business.“

Product Description

Manufactured from aerospace materials, (titanium, aluminum, stainless and hardened steel) and machined on the latest state of the art CNC equipment.

When we began designing the Pro 1-V we wanted to build a pedal unlike anything ever made, with never-before-seen features that are truly useful to today's drummers. Even for Trick, where innovation is the norm, the result of that design process was nothing short of revolutionary. To begin with, the Pro 1-V isn't comprised of cast metal parts assembled with screws, hinges, and springs that can be found in any hardware store. It's a high-tech combination of precision-machined components created on the latest state-of-the-art CNC equipment. But as advanced as it is, the Pro 1-V wasn't designed by engineers. It was designed by drummers, with an eye toward serving other drummers better than any pedal has ever done before. The result is a pedal that is so responsive, so smooth, and so infinitely adjustable that it's sure to satisfy the individual needs of any drummer under any playing conditions.

The BIGFOOT only differs from the standard Pro1-V in that it has one solid 13" footboard hinged at the end, eliminating the heel block. For most people this is not a requirement for a style or technique but is, in fact, just personal preference.

Additional Information

UPC 753382555568
Brand Trick
Series PRO1V