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Home Modules & Triggers & Sampling Pads Trick Laser Trigger System For Pro 1V or Bigfoot Double Bass Drum Pedal

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Trick Laser Trigger System For Pro 1V or Bigfoot Double Bass Drum Pedal


Double or Dual Single Triggers for Pro1-V / BigFoot Pedals.

Advanced laser technology is deployed to monitor motion and velocity. When the motion and velocity abruptly stop (the beater hitting the drum head or pad) on the forward stroke, a trigger signal is sent to the drum brain.

- Accurate to 1.5 milliseconds
- No false triggers or crosstalk

Universal Power Supply is included.

Only Fits Current Pro1-V Pedals.

How do these triggers work exactly? The idea behind the creation of the SB1 was to eliminate existing design flaws with kick triggers. One of the primary problems with triggers was the false triggering and this could be due to a few reasons including cross-talk from other drums, sensitivity settings on the drum brain and tension settings on the drum head, just to name a few. We set out to address these problems using the most precise metering tool we could fit on a kick drum pedal: the laser. Laser technology can be used in many metering applications such as measurement, speed detection and timing; we use this technology for all of these purposes. The only way the trigger would work, however, is by mounting it to the pedal to avoid problems with changing variables on the drum. By mounting the laser on the pedal we are able to detect movement, measure the distance the pedal moves (velocity) and measure the speed the pedal stops at impact (threshold). With this data sent to the brain it is able to detect how you are using your pedal and create an appropriate signal and it can do it independently on each pedal avoiding cross-talk and creating a much cleaner and accurate representation of sound. It is similar to the scenario of using one kick drum or two for double bass and the sound difference you hear when using a microphone.

So what does all of this mean in a non techy way? You get a true representation of your playing in the drum brain. It detects how fast, how hard, how slow, and how soft you are hitting allowing you many more styles, finesse, accents, and grooves that previous triggers did not offer.

The precision of the trigger does not limit the usage of it to highly technical people. The reason we chose to use it on our pedals exclusively is because of our ability to machine a semi-permanent fixture that NEVER needs to be tweaked or calibrated before use. This is truely plug-and-play technology. The estimated setup time (once the triggers are pre-installed) is between 1-3 minutes depending on the accessability to the pedals on your kit. Installation only takes a couple of minutes per pedal and can stay in place on the pedals forever if you choose. They do not have to be removed, if you do not wish to use them you simply skip the part where you plug them in. All of the components are fixtured in a way where they do not infringe on your playing style, how you pack them, or how the pedals feel and aside from an occasional cleaning - these parts require no adjustments to keep working.

LUDICROUS SPEED! Is this a joke or just a fun toy? Neither, the LS switch was a last minute addition to the pedal, you get this one for free. You are not required to use it and it is not a method of cheating. When you toggle this switch the triggers then detect both forward momentum as well as backwards momentum allowing for a double trigger. Will this make your double bass speed faster? Unlikely, but it allows you to do more with just one foot but most of all it serves as a great timing tool. Being able to sustain a single foot double bass with our precision laser requires great timing and precise technique. This kind of training can do a lot of good for guys that want to play fast and heavy.

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SeriesTrick Drums and Accessories
Hardware TypeBass Drum Pedals
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