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Home Tony's Suggestion Snare Drum Heads and Wires - Fat Snare
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Tony's Suggestion Snare Drum Heads and Wires - Fat Snare

  • 14" Remo Emperor Coated Head
  • 14" Evans Orchestral 300 Hazy Snare Side Head
  • 14" Canopus Vintage Dry Wires
  • Moongel Drum Dampeners 4-pack

One of the most popular snare sounds today is the "Fat Snare" sound. To get this sound, you tune the top head very low, while retaining a fairly high tuning on the bottom head. Make sure that the snare wires are not too tight either - having them too tight will choke the sound and make the drum sound smaller. I have included a pack of Moongel in this pack because I find it's the easiest method of dampening the drum quickly, and it is non permanent. (FYI, you will likely use the whole pack of Moongels to achieve this sound.)

Another thing to keep in mind is that, with the drum tuned, muffled and set up like this, rim shots don't sound all that great. The best way to play the drum with this sound is to hit dead center. SPLAT!

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