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The Grombal Cymbal Sleeve Black

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Product Description

Sleeves? - None needed. The Grombal effectively moves the sleeve function from the stand to the cymbal. And keeps it there.

Felts? - The large base of the Grombal was included to protect the cymbal from contacting a metal support washer if felts were not used or available. This same base also isolates full felt contact with the cymbal if they are used. We recommend you try them without felts, our goal is to reduce the drummers spare parts load.

Wingnuts? - Again, optional. The flexible design of The Grombal allows the deflection of the cymbal to compress The Grombal against the shaft of the stand to keep the cymbal in place. The more the cymbal moves, the tighter the grip. Drummers encounter missing wingnuts, our goal was to safely allow the cymbal to be played in the absence of a wingnut, but it is compatible with wingnut use.

Cupped washer? - Most cymbal stands include metal or plastic cup washers that would normally supprt the stock felt. Use your existing cup washer to extend the life of your Grombal.

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