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Tama SLP Fat Spruce 3pc Drum Shell Pack Satin Wild Spruce

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Shane Says

“The Tama SLP Spruce is a jazzer's delight. These have a TOTAL Gretsch vibe ... and I'm not talking about Catalinas either. Very round, pronounced stick sound, a bit softer than a Gretsch, but the same feel and similar tone. Plus, it's a drum set made from spruce! Awesome!“

Product Description

The Fat Spruce kit features luxurious 100% Spruce shells, which is rarely used as a material on complete drum sets. Its unique sound is fat and resonant with solid mids and a natural pure tone. Furthermore, by utilizing die-cast hoops, it provides a very clear, focused attack. It also has a very wide tuning range, making it suitable for a number of music styles. The drums sound great tuned up high for jazz, but also perform well at low to medium tension, optimal for R&B, Blues, Indie Rock and Ballads.The Studio Maple kit is very original model in both sound and appearance, with Sound Focus Rings on the inside of the shells and 100% Maple Wood Hoops. It has a focused, warm, woody tone with clear attack, and a relatively short sustain with beautiful decay. While great for live performance, this model really excels in the studio, especially when seeking a warm sound with controlled resonance.

What's in the Box:

  • 14"x20" bass drum
  • 8"x12" tom tom
  • 14"x14" floor tom
  • Single Tom Holder

This is a shell pack only. Snare, stands and cymbals are sold separately.

  • Die-Cast Hoop
  • Direct Flexi-Mount
  • Brass Tube Lug
  • Evans G1 Coated Head

Additional Information

Series SLP
UPC 4549763061140
Brand Tama
Drum Set Format Shell Pack
Bass Drum Size 20x14
Finish Satin Wild Spruce

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