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Drum Center of Portsmouth Special Order Policy

A special order is just that … special!

We at the Drum Center of Portsmouth are grateful for your confidence in us, and we appreciate the opportunity you’ve given us to help with your purchase. In order to ensure a smooth process, we ask that you carefully review our Special Order Policy so you know what to expect from this experience.

1. Custom orders cannot be canceled FOR ANY REASON.

Plain and simple, it’s not allowed. Once we submit the order to the manufacturer, we have committed to purchasing the item(s). Therefore, when you submit the order to us, it is a commitment to purchase it. Once the order is placed, we cannot - and will not - allow a cancelation for ANY reason (e.g. “buyer’s remorse”, unforeseen circumstances/incidents, a change of heart, etc.). Any and all payments made towards special orders are non-refundable.

2. Custom orders cannot be changed or modified at any time.

When the supplier receives the order, they create the work order for all of the materials. Any attempt to change the order is essentially a cancelation, which in turn would create a new work order, which puts it at the 'back of the line'. In our experience, “mid-stream” changes create a litany of problems because there are so many people involved in the production of your custom item. So please, make sure you are completely satisfied with your choices for color, sizes, etc. when submitting the order. We will not honor change requests.

3. Custom orders cannot be returned FOR ANY REASON.

In the highly unlikely event that something is wrong with your order, please contact us immediately. We will be your agent and work with the manufacturer to correct any mistakes. The manufacturer will make the corrections to ensure that you get what you paid for.

4. ETAs can - and will - vary.

Custom orders are made - and shipped - by humans. Any delivery dates we quote are merely estimates. We have seen orders arrive early, and we’ve seen them arrive late. *As an example, please understand that when we say “8-12 weeks” that’s usually the case … but sometimes it can be much less, or much more. ETAs vary based on many factors that we cannot always predict, so we appreciate your patience during the waiting period.

5. Updates are often few and far between, if there are any at all!

A very common question for someone awaiting delivery of their custom order is “Any word on my order?” In most cases, we only receive “word” from the manufacturer when there is a problem. If we don’t, then that typically means that no news is good news. We then receive a notification when the item ships to us or to you. At that point, we will reach out to you to let you know the good news. Please do not be distressed if you don’t receive any updates along the way.

6. Some Notes Regarding Payment

Special orders totaling $2500 or more must be paid in full before the order is placed with the supplier. For special orders totaling less than $2500, we require a minimum deposit of 50% before placing the order with the supplier. If we are setting up an order to ship directly to you from the supplier (or to "drop ship"), then the order must be paid in full before it is placed with the manufacturer, regardless of the total price. We reserve the right to request payment in full on items under $2500 depending on the nature of the order.

For partially paid orders, the item(s) will ship to our shop upon completion. Once the shipment arrives here, we will collect final payment from you before shipping the item to you. Please note that, because of this ‘double shipment’, this process will incur an additional ship charge.

Please ensure your shipping information is correct and current at the time of purchasing, especially for drop ship orders. We are often unable to update the shipping address with the supplier once the order has been placed.

Like our Layaway policy, we will make to two attempts to collect final payment. You will be contacted once the item arrives at Drum Center of Portsmouth.  If payment is not received within 30 days of arrival, the transaction will be cancelled and deposits are non-refundable.