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Snareweight Drum Damper Pro Lock Brass

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Product Description


  • Permanent snare drum damper solution
  • Detachable mass soaks up the ring and adds punch but maintains the high end
  • Choose a side of the removable leather insert like a treble switch on an amp
  • Slide it like a dial to quickly hone in to your sound
  • Try different inserts to match your favorite head
  • Weighted and painstakingly balanced to make the right contact
  • Insert attaches to global magnet which acts as a spring to meet head

(Needed for Die-Cast hoops)

The Pro-Lock is used to secure the Snareweight #4 or Snareweight Jr. to die cast hoops. Pro-Lock incorporates an arched magnet to attract to the magnet of the Snareweight through the die-cast hoop. It has a slot that the Snareweight drops into which in turn creates a floating lock to secure the damper.

Snareweight #4 with a Pro-Lock is as good as it gets for effective dampening and road-worthy durability. Because of the lock between the two magnets, with even the hardest drum hit, it will reset itself and fall back into place with perfect contact/balance to the head, making it impossible for the damper to unhinge itself from the hoop. After more engineering and many more hours of testing, we have incorporated a couple of side isolation sorbothane dampers for less jitter when used on toms.

Pro-Lock is not designed for Snareweight models #1 (2012) or model #2 (2013).

Note: For those who have purchased Snareweight #3 or #4, the Pro-Lock is all you need to lock to your die-cast hoop - there is no other way.

**Tip** Some drummers have had luck with turning the pro lock on its side as a damper for S-hoops (using a standard insert).

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