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Snareweight Drum Damper M80 Rustic Brown SW-015-M80RB



  • Permanent snare drum damper solution
  • Detachable mass soaks up the ring and adds punch but maintains the high end
  • Choose a side of the removable leather insert like a treble switch on an amp
  • Slide it like a dial to quickly hone in to your sound
  • Try different inserts to match your favorite head
  • Weighted and painstakingly balanced to make the right contact
  • Insert attaches to global magnet which acts as a spring to meet head

Medium to Heavy Dampening

Attach the clip over the rim of your drum (use the leather tab in the back of the clip to pull it open). The leather needs to sit flush on the head for optimum control. To do this, attach the clip over the top of the hoop rim, then push down until the leather (not the clip) is sitting flat on the HEAD. If you push the clip too far down on the hoop, the leather may not sit flat and dampening will be compromised.

Try several different placements on your hoop and listen for the sound change.

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