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RBH Snare Drums


RBH Snare Drums at Drum Center of Portsmouth

I remember the first time I met Bruce Hagwood, owner of RBH Drums, it was his first NAMM show, I believe it was 2010 or 2011. He chased me down as I walked by and wanted my opinion on his drum shells. He was aggressive and confident, but humbly eager to know what I thought of his shells. I’m one of those people that does not like something before I like it; and I wanted to have that approach with Bruce. Right away I could tell that he knew what he was doing, and he was doing it well. He made nice shells, I remember making some suggestions (I can’t recall what they were) but I do remember suggesting that pursuing the OEM shell manufacturing route for established brands may be a more fruitful endeavor for him.

He didn’t listen to me. He wanted a brand, and he hasn’t stopped trying.

Each year I run into Bruce and his drums look and sound better each time. He has not given up. He is determined and I admire that in people. Playing musical instruments is a romantic, emotional experience, and I’ve long attested that the instruments sound much better when you like the person or people you bought it from. I liked Bruce from the word ‘go”, I just wanted to feel that his snare drums were prime time.

They are. We’re going to get a solid ply Cherry, a Maple, and a Walnut shell, all 6.5x14. I’m looking forward to putting these on the stands next to the Longo, Noble and Cooley, and Unix drums. I feel that these will be a good fit and I hope you do too. Bruce makes lovely 3 ply shells too.

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