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Dunnett Snare Drums at Drum Center of Portsmouth


Dunnett Classic Snare Drums at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Here at the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we know snare drums.  Dunnett snare drums have been on our shelves since day one for a reason - Ronn Dunnett knows how to build a quality instrument.  From the workhorse Stainless Steel and Model 2N, to the exotic MonoPly and Dreamtime series, each carefully crafted drum is consistently extraordinary.  Dunnett has a snare for every type of drummer in every type of musical scenario.  We highly recommend that you carry (at least) one of these versatile drums in your arsenal.

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Buying high end drums should be fun. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, our goal is to have the most unique and vast selection of boutique snare drums, drum sets, and cymbals, but to also cultivate long term relationships with our customers and clients.