Canopus Snare Drums

Canopus Snare Drums at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Based in Japan, Canopus Drums is one of the world’s leading custom drum builders. Founded in 1977 by Shinichi Usuda, Canopus has risen to fame on the back of several innovations, most notably, the Zelkova solid shell snare drum (see video below) which is made from a hollowed-out tree trunk. In addition to seamless soild-shell shells like the Zelkova model, Canopus offers ply shells from mahogany, birch, and maple, as well as acrylic and, carbon fiber. In a 2009 interview with DRUM! magazine, Usuda noted that in building Canopus Drums, “Our first purpose is to make the very best sound.”

Canopus drums might be the best kept secret in the industry.  Canopus is a small but mighty team of creative craftsman with a passion for research, innovation, and design.  Canopus has their own unique voice because they create everything in-house.  By creating their own shells, lugs and wires, they’re able to control every nuance of their sound.  We have also been instrumental in helping design several models with them, like now legendary 8x14 Zelkova and the deeper solid snares.  We are incredibly enthusiastic about Canopus products, so much so that if you have ever talked with Shane about snare drums for more than five minutes is sure to hear the word “Zelkova” mentioned more than once. Need an all-around workhorse snare that does it all?  Try "The Maple"  Want to faithfully recreate the sound of 70’s Rock?  Neo Vintage M4.  How about a highly collectible hollowed out tree trunk?  Zelkova.  We could keep going.
At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we fully back Canopus.  Do yourself a favor and check out what they have to offer!

In July 2010 and 2017, Mr. Usuda paid a visit to DCP to thank us for our support.

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  1. 10x6
  2. 14x4
  3. 14x5
  4. 14x5.5
  5. 14x6
  6. 14x6.5
  7. 14x8
Snare Shell
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  2. Beech 1item
  3. Birch 1item
  4. Brass 3items
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  6. Chestnut/Bubinga 1item
  7. Mahogany 2items
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  9. Maple 8items
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  11. Steel 1item
  12. Walnut 1item
  13. Zelkova 3items
Drum Series
  1. Mahogany 3items
  2. Neo Vintage M1 1item
  3. Neo Vintage M5 1item
  4. One of a Kind 3items
  5. Snare Drums 2items
  6. Stave 1item
  7. The Brass 1item
  8. The Bronze 1item
  9. The Maple 3items
  10. Yaiba 6items
  11. Zelkova 3items
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