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Snare Drums


At the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we know drums, and we know drummers. Our vast inventory comprises all the best brands and models that professional and hobby drummers rely on to get the perfect sound every time.

We stock hundreds of percussion instruments and drum sets, including snare drums, which are so often the backbone of orchestras, parades, concert bands, drum lines, marching bands, rock bands, studio engineers, and so much more. 

And while you may think that quantity is our advantage, we always keep quality at the core of everything we do. While other drum shops may carry a range of instruments in terms of quality, we only stock what we feel to be the best to guarantee our clients the best results and the best sound for their budget.

We've got snare drums for everybody, and depending on your expectations and requirements, we can help you find the perfect product for you. We carry snares of all sizes, from small 6×3s to large 28×6s, and all kinds of shells like maple, brass, and walnut. Furthermore, we even have most brands you know and love. We're also conscientious of price, trying to carry snare drums that can meet every budget.

If you need a snare drum to beat the rest, you'll find it here at Drum Center Portsmouth.

What Type of Snare Drums are There?

There are several types of snare drums out there, including a kit snare, a tarol snare, a marching snare, and a piccolo snare, with each of these drums representing a different style of percussive music and the size of the drum itself. Other types include:

  • An orchestral snare (used in classical music)
  • A drum set snare (more prevalent in pop, rock, R&B, country, and hip-hop)
  • A Caixa malacacheta (used in Brazilian music)
  • A tabor (predates modern drums, rarely used in contemporary music but used in medieval music)

Finding your snare involves a bit of testing and playing, check out a few different kits and discover the full range of sounds available.

What is the Best Snare Drum for Beginners?

While the best snare drum for beginners often relies on personal preference, there are some things you can look for when shopping to ensure you pick the right one. For a beginner, a name brand drum that is serviceable and easy to  tune is helpful, to allow a consistent and clean (not tinny) sound.

One recommendation we'd make for beginners who want to get started would be the Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Snare Drum, which we stock in a gorgeous cranberry red. This snare is an excellent standard choice for sound and value, and Yamaha is a trusted brand that even newcomers love. 

The shell is a beautiful six-ply birch with a triple-flange steel hoop that can be used in various situations to produce an expansive, open sound.

What Makes a Good Snare Drum?

When buying a drum, steer clear of the ones that aren't worth your money or time by using this checklist as a guide to ensure you find a good one.

  • The Right Size - Smaller drums create higher-pitched sounds, while larger drums create deeper sounds (Don’t be fooled though, many deeper shells can be cranked up high!)
  • Beating Edge - A sharp edge has more projection and wider tuning range, while a rounder edge makes fatter tones
  • Proper Tuning - If it doesn't sound right at first, it may just need tuning (the bottom head is usually the culprit)
  • Price in Budget - There's no such thing as a good drum for you if it's out of your budget, so stick with something you can afford
  • Shell Material - Wood creates mid-to-high frequencies, metal creates high frequencies, steel has high and mid-frequencies, and brass/aluminum has more lows than mids

What Should I Look For When Buying a Snare Drum?

Things you'll want to look for include:

  • Shell Material - wood, metal, or other (like acrylic)
  • Diameter - smaller diameter means brighter sounds
  • Depth - the deeper it is, the fatter the sound
  • Hoops - the type of hoops will augment the sound of the shell
  • Mechanisms - the lugs, the throw off, and butt plate create different tensions that adjust the performance

First, know what you're looking for in terms of each. Then, you can filter your search by drums that include all the aspects you need.

When searching for the best snare drums online, look no further than right here at the Drum Center of Portsmouth!

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