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Sabian SR2 Splash Cymbal Thin 10" 232 grams

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Shane Says

“The best part of the Sabian SR2 Cymbals is the value you get. The problem is that it's a crapshoot. We chose the ones that sounded the best, we've done the work for you. These represent what I love about having a drum store. Picking out cymbals that no one has heard before, ones that have that perfect blend of sound and uniqueness. It's great!! “

Product Description

This SABIAN cymbal was hand-picked by the DCP crew at the SABIAN factory in Canada!

What are SR2 cymbals, you ask?

SABIAN SR2 cymbals are trade show demos, store returns, prototypes, etc that are re-worked by SABIAN and sold at a much lower cost. SR2 cymbals are re-worked versions of one of several different SABIAN series, including HH, HHX, AA, AAX, Signature, or even Artisan models! While their previous forms may vary from cymbal to cymbal, they are all made of 100% B20 alloy. SABIAN SR2 is a great way to get a professional level cymbal at an unbelievable price!

Additional Information

UPC 622537059063
Brand Sabian
Series SR2 Hand Picked by DCP
Cymbal Type Splashes
Cymbal Series SR2 Hand Picked by DCP