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Sabian Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals Set QTPC501

Created specifically for low volume sessions, Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals Set QTPC501 includes a minimalist set-up of 13” Hi-Hats and 18” Crash Ride. They are both designed to respond and sustain like traditional cymbals – right down to their clearly defined bell – so drummers won’t have to change the way they play. Their true-to-life response and sustain, and clear, natural-sounding bell means drummers won’t have to hit and play harder than they do during performances. This is not the case with other practice cymbals, which can sound muffled or dead – not a good quality in a practice cymbal. As a result, drummers will appreciate their greatly reduced sonic footprint during practice sessions, drum lessons or any time they use Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals. Additionally, Quiet Tone Practice Cymbals are manufactured from a tough, durable alloy that won’t dent or break, making them the best choice in low-volume cymbals.
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Cymbal FinishTraditional
SeriesQuiet Tone
Feature 1QTPC501 includes a minimalist practice set-up of 13" Hi-Hats and 18" Crash-Ride
Feature 2True-to-life response and sustain so you don't have to change the way you play
Feature 3Clearly defined and natural bell tone never sounds muffled or dead
Feature 4Manufactured from tough alloy that won't dent or break
Feature 5Quality protected by SABIAN 2-year warranty
Cymbal TypeBox Sets
Cymbal SeriesQuiet Tone
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