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Sabian Prototype Cymbals and Sabian SR2 Cymbals


One thing that is important to us is bringing you fresh, unique sounds and we go to great lengths to do that.  Each year, we drive to the factory and work with Mark Love to bring back one of a kind cymbals that cover all bases in terms of sound.  It takes an entire day to pick out all of these cymbals, and it's actually exhausting work.  We have to think about the sounds our customers want to hear, not just what we want to hear. 

On the flip side, we want to bring VALUE.  Sure, we deliver a tremendous value by photgraphing each prototype, weighing it, and doing a video demonstration of it.  But I want to bring value and savings as well.   If you aren't familiar with the SR2 cymbals, they are worth a look/listen.  These are Factory Renewed cymbals, ones that have been used for trade shows or product demos.  They get a refresh at the factory and are sold at a fraction of the price.  Some of them are flabbergastingly good, some of them don't sound all that hot.  Our solution is to hand pick the very best and bring them back to DCP.

Have a look at our selection of prototypes here.   And our SR2 selection can be found here.