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Roland KD-A22 Bass Drum Converter

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Product Description


Kick Drum Converter

The KD-A22 is a convertor system that attaches to a standard acoustic 22” bass drum to provide electronic triggering on a V-Drums kit. It provides a superior bass drum feel air-damper mechanics, as well as adding a strong visual impact and presence on stage.

1) Compatible with a standard acoustic 22” bass drum

2) Provides accurate and stable triggering while retaining the look of an acoustic bass drum

3) Great presence suitable for the live-stage use

<How to fit to the 22” Bass Drum>

You can easily fit the KD-A22 simply by exchanging the drum head on the shell.

By attaching the batter head (which includes the pad-sensor and trigger input jack) and a batter board with a metal batter hoop on the batter side, the KD-A22 provides accurate and stable trigger-sensing and comfortable air-damping feel to the acoustic bass drum. (Please see the instruction movie “How to fit the KD-A22 to the 22” Bass Drum”)

A double-pedal is also compatible to use with the KD-A22, making it the ideal kick drum converter.

Additional Information

UPC 761294508732
Series V-Drums Accessories
Brand Roland
Notes Roland Authorized Dealer #N575222H

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