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Remo White Suede Emperor 15 Inch Drum Head

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Shane Says

“These are my all-time favorite tom heads! You get the warmth of coated, but with a bit more clarity. Also, and possibly more important, is the feel. These feel so great under the stick, you can feel the energy being translated into the sound you are hearing. No "Counter Top" syndrome with these!“

Product Description

The Emperor White Suede features Remo's proprietary texturing process that produces a focused, warm midrange tone and a soft feel. Constructed of 2-plies of 7.5-mil externally-treated, lightly textured Smooth White films, Emperor White Suede drumheads provide controlled sustain and increased durability. Remo's proprietary texturing process produces a white non-reflective look. Available is sizes 8"-18" .

  • Open warm tones with sustain and volume
  • Two plies of 7.5-Mil film with Remo's proprietary texturing process
  • Ideal for Pop, R&B and Rock
  • Available in sizes 8" - 18"
  • Remo's proprietary texturing process produces a lightly textured non-reflective white look

Additional Information

SKU BE-0815-WS-
UPC 757242538586
Series Emperor
Brand Remo
Drum Head Finish White
Drum Head Size 15

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