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Promark Rebound Balance .595 TD Wood

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Product Description

ProMark's Select Balance line is designed to give players the opportunity to find stick balance that's right for their playing style and technique. In order to create the Select Balance line, ProMark went back to the drawing board and identified the key elements of a drum stick in order of priority as diameter, length, taper, tip shape, and tip material. The RBH595TW features a 3Inch taper into a modified tear drop wood tip for a back heavy stick that feels like it's doing most of the work.

  • Rebound Balance taper for a back heavy stick that feels like it
  • Made in the USA to the highest weight and tone sorting standards in the industry
  • Promark plants 5 trees for every one used manufacturing drumsticks

Additional Information

Series Rebound
UPC 616022130368
Brand Promark
Stick Series Rebound
Length .595" diameter comparable to most 5B models
Stick Type Drum Sticks