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Here at Drum Center of Portsmouth, our team is here to help you choose the best percussion instruments to advance your musical talents. We have an extensive collection of percussion options and parts to choose from, no matter your playing style or skill level.

In our inventory, you'll find every major kind of percussion instrument created by some of the best brands in the industry. Not only that, our staff is enthusiastic about helping you find the right equipment based on your goals, budget, and experience. 

Quality is one of our top priorities, so we go above and beyond to ensure we're providing our customers with the best percussion options and parts on the market. No more do you need to shop around to complete your setup, as you can get everything you need here at Drum Center of Portsmouth at the best prices. 

Stock up on beginner, intermediate, and advanced percussion parts, drum sets, and more when you shop with us. We'll have it shipped to your door in no time, so you can start doing what you love - drumming! 

For any questions or inquiries, reach out to our friendly team for assistance. 

What Are Percussion Instruments?

Percussion is the largest segment of an orchestra. The family consists of any instrument that makes a noise when hit, scraped, or shaken. Mastering these instruments takes time, but the sound you can produce is amazing once you learn the ropes. 

Some percussion instruments can be adjusted or tuned to make a certain sound. Their purpose is to maintain rhythm and guide the rest of the musicians through the song. To become good at playing percussion, you'll need to understand each instrument and the sounds they produce thoroughly. 

As a result, you'll be a valuable member of any band, orchestra, or even as a solo artist. 

What Are the 2 Types of Percussion Instruments?

When most people think of percussion, they think of drum sets, crashing cymbals, and bongos. However, various types of instruments belong in the family. 

Percussion instruments are typically broken up into two categories: pitched and unpitched. Pitched instruments will produce a consistent and recognizable sound. Unpitched sections will produce a more unspecific noise. 

  • Pitched Percussion. Some common pitched instruments you may be familiar with are xylophones, marimbas, and glockenspiel. These instruments can be played using the standard musical notation. Professionals tune their instruments to help create melodies, harmonies, and other song sections.
  • Unpitched Percussion. Bass drums, snares, triangles, and tambourines all fall under this category. They are a crucial component of an orchestra or band, and use their indefinite sounds to create a rhythm.

Both types of percussion instruments work together to create a piece of music. It's difficult to perform without one or the other, so bands and orchestras include both sections for a fuller sound. 

How Many Instruments Are in Percussion?

Percussion is one of the largest sections of orchestral instruments. There are roughly 500 different instruments that fall into the family, each divided into different sub-categories. Moreover, new instruments are created and added to the family regularly. 

A typical orchestra may have six or more percussionists involved depending on the composition. This diverse group of instruments is crucial to achieving a memorable sound in most musical genres.  

The most common instruments played by orchestral percussionists are:

  • Cymbals. Crash cymbals are there when the composer wants to bring power to their music. That massive crash will make a statement to the listener, and create the emphasis needed to wow the audience.
  • Bass Drums. This is the largest unpitched instrument in the section. Like the cymbals, the bass drum is there to make a big point. The roar of the bass drum can be powerful enough to shake the audience’s seats, creating a powerful feeling within the music.
  • Xylophones. Originating in Africa, the xylophone has become one of the most popular instruments in modern orchestras. The wooden bars create such a unique sound that it pairs nicely with the rest of the sections. The bars are laid out similarly to a piano, and have a range of four octaves.

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Are you a percussionist that wants to expand your musical talent? If so, you'll need the right instrument based on your current skill level and performance goals. Check out our collection of percussion instruments here at Drum Center of Portsmouth.

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