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Pearl Music City Custom Reference 6pc Drum Set Mirror Chrome

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Shane Says

“This thing is SMOKIN'!“

Product Description

22x18 kick; 8x7, 10x7, 12x8 toms; 14x14 and 16x16 floor toms. Mirror Chrome finish. Drums only; hardware/cymbals sold separately.


For over 40 years, Pearl's exclusive USA Artist Custom shop has been collaborating with some of the most illustrious names in drumming to handcraft personal touring kits; featured on the largest live show stages across the world. Our new Music City Custom Series now allows you to experience the same level of service and pride, by owning an exclusive kit precision CNC drilled and fully assembled here at our custom shop facility within Pearl's USA corporate headquarters in Nashville, TN.


Pearl is known to produce some of the finest drum shells available today, and our top of the line Masterworks and Reference shells are truly without equal. Our exclusive SST shell forming process is often copied, but never duplicated. Music City Custom drums features pristine shells of the finest wood plies, manufactured in Pearl's renowned overseas Masterworks facility, and available in your choice of either Reference (RF) or Reference Pure (RFP) shell specifications.


Choose from 43 drum sizes, 29 beautiful covered finishes, and either RF or RFP shell specifications to experience what our top endorsees have enjoyed for years. Music City Custom RFP Series has 1.6mm FatTone Hoops offering increased strength and articulation. The Music City Custom RF Series MasterCast Hoop system prevents binding and allows the shell to resonate to its absolute fullest potential.


Reference Series shell recipe uses a combination of task specific bearing edges and 3 time proven woods: Birch, Maple, and African Mahogany. Using Maple as a sole material has long been the traditional choice for shells and for good reason. Maple provides smooth, well balanced tone that is perfect for a 12" tom. Subsequently, all Reference Series 12" toms are composed of 6 plies of Maple. The only single wood shell in the series. Our 10" and 8" toms receive 4 plies of Maple with 2 inner plies of Birch for cut and attack. And for maximum response, all 13" and smaller toms have a rounded 45 degree bearing edge.

Beginning with our 13" tom and larger, Mahogany is added to the inner plies to increase the lower frequencies and accentuate the warmth of the Maple. The 14" toms and larger begin using our fully rounded bearing edge for even more shell contact. Our 18" and 20" bass drums use 4 inner plies of Mahogany with 2 outer plies of Maple. As the size of the bass drums increase, so does the amount of Mahogany. Our 22" and 24" bass drums incorporate an amazing 6 inner plies of Mahogany surrounded by 2 outer plies of Maple for the ultimate in solid responsive bass frequencies.

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Series Reference
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Brand Pearl