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Paiste Signature Precision Heavy Ride Cymbal 20"

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Shane Says

“To me, the Paiste Signature series defines the modern era of cymbals. Years from now, we'll look back at these as the template of the time. Only Paiste can do it.“

Product Description

Bright, powerful, brillant. Wide range, clean mix. Heavy feel. Defined, meaty ping with a clear, controllable wash. Piercing bell sound. Strong, heavy ride, well suited for playing at higher volume levels.

Paiste Signature Precision 20 Heavy Ride Cymbal

  • Bright, powerful, brillant
  • Wide range, clean mix
  • Heavy feel
  • Defined, meaty ping with a clear, controllable wash
  • Piercing bell sound

Additional Information

SKU CY0004102720
UPC 697643111738
Cymbal Size 20
Brand Paiste
Series Signature Precision
Cymbal Type Rides
Cymbal Series Signature Precision