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Paiste Formula 602 Medium Ride Cymbal 24"

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Shane Says

“For years, I couldn't stop hearing from people that they wanted the sound of the old Paiste 602's to come back. Well, here they are, with extra models to boot!“

Product Description

Warm, silvery, mellow, cool, light, fine, precise and controlled. Cymbals with clarity and retro vintage character combined with a velvety, sensitive, very responsive feel.

  • Full, rich, fairly bright, solid
  • Medium range, clean mix
  • Controlled and even feel
  • Very nice and sparkling stick sound supported by a breathy layer of wash
  • Perfectly balanced

Additional Information

SKU CY0001041724
UPC 697643111011
Cymbal Size 24
Brand Paiste
Series Formula 602
Cymbal Type Rides
Cymbal Series Formula 602