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Paiste 2002 Thin Crash Cymbal 16"

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Shane Says

“The Paiste 2002 Cymbals are the industry standard for Rock cymbals as far as I am concerned. One listen to any Led Zeppelin or Van Halen album just solidifies that. Crispy, cutting highs, and excellent stick attack. It's hard for me to imagine a world without 2002's.“

Product Description

CuSn8. A simple bronze alloy that helped to shape the sound of rock music beginning in the early 70's. This 16" Paiste Crash is made from the legendary 2002 bronze alloy that has been the industry standard among professionals for nearly half a century. These sonically beautiful cymbals have an immediately explosive, bright crash that conveys a silvery warm, lively shimmer. The tone is well defined, even at softer strikes. The stick sound is washy with lively intensity and medium sustain. This cymbal is the classic rock cymbal, but would do well in any situation calling for a clear, bright crash. We love the tone of the 2002 Paiste cymbal line at Drum Center of Portsmouth. Check out our online demos with high quality audio.

  • Medium bright, full, silvery, breathy
  • Wide range, slightly complex, dense mix
  • Soft, giving, very responsive feel
  • A sturdy thin crash with a rich, cutting character
  • Perfect for patterned playing and filling sound spaces in minimal instrumentation

Additional Information

SKU CY0001061216
UPC 697643105379
Cymbal Size 16
Brand Paiste
Series 2002 Classic
Cymbal Type Crashes
Cymbal Series 2002