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Noble And Cooley Solid Ply Beech Snare Drum 7x14 Gloss/Brass

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Shane Says

“Noble and Cooley are the legends of Modern Day Solid Shell Drum manufacturing. They've been doing it the longest and after a good look at the shells, you can clearly see that.“

Product Description

The Noble & Cooley SS Maple Classic Snare Drum is an industry legend. It is the stage and studio standard, and few professional drummers don't own at least one of these remarkable instruments. The SS Maple Classic was Noble & Cooley's initial offering in the professional drum arena, and served to establish our reputation as a manufacturer of "The World's Best Drums." SOLID SHELL: The heart of this drum is the shell. We take a piece of 1/4" solid rock maple (or other domestic hardwood), hand-picked for grain consistency, and run it through a steam bending process that hasn't changed since the Civil War. A single piece of wood will vibrate far more freely than a piece constructed of multiple plies. Accordingly, a single ply shell will vibrate (resonate) more freely than the multi-ply shells that are most commonly used in drum manufacture. This resonance is what gives the SS Classic its characteristic warmth and legendary bite. These drums are available in Maple, Oak, Cherry, Beech, and Tulip either 3 7/8", 5" or 7" deep for a completely customizable sound. BEECH: Beech is known for its low, thick bottom-end and the SS Classic Beech delivers in spades! Coupled with beech reinforcement rings, this monster of a drum delivers a massive punch in lower tunings, has the power to cut through any mix in a mid range tuning, and still provides plenty of crisp body in higher tunings.

Additional Information

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Series Solid Shell
Brand Noble and Cooley
Size 7x14
Shell Layup Brass