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NFUZD Audio NSPIRE Fusion Full Pack

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Shane Says

“I was quite skeptical when I checked the NFUZD E-drums out at first. I continued to be skeptical until my second attempt on them the next day. I strongly feel this is the direction of electronic drums and NFUZD are the first to do it.“

Product Description

The NSPIRE Fusion Full Pack is a complete kit with module and trigger pads that install easily on top of your acoustic drums. With 10",12",14" Tom Trigger Pads, a 14" Snare Trigger Pad, a Kick Trigger Pad that fits virtually any sized bass drum, as well as hihat, crash, and ride cymbal trigger pads, players can maintain the setup, feel, and spacing of their acoustic kit. With the Real Sized Trigger Pad's soft and quiet playing surfaces, and access to an endless pallet of uncompessed sounds, the NSPIRE Series is one of the most versatile electronic drum systems available today.



  • Real Sized and Soft Playing Pad Surfaces allow players to maintain the setup and spacing of their acoustic kit while producing low ambient noise for quiet performance
  • Patented Pad Design Fits Directly On Acoustic Drums without needing to remove rims or heads, facilitating quick change-over between acoustic and electronic surfaces.
  • 16-bit/44.1Khz On-Board Samples produce ADVANCED DRUM EMULATION (A.D.E.) by utlizing true WAV sample playback for superior acoustic drum sounds with a wide dynamic range.
  • The included BFD Eco NFUZD Edition Software contains a massive library of 16-bit/44.1Khz samples with the ability to download and transfer sounds and presets to the Open Architecture module via the provided USB Drive.
  • Dual And Triple-Zone Triggers (pad surface1, lower rim2, cross-stick zone3) enable reproduction of an authentic acoustic performance including standard strokes, rim-shots, and cross-sticks

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