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Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack Review

For the gigging drummer, lugging your hardware can literally be a pain in the butt. Few things are more unpleasant than transporting awkward, heavy stands before and after your gig. This routine can be especially brutal during a New England Winter. Ever pinch a finger on a frozen cymbal stand? Not fun.
So, what are your options? You could hire a drum tech, or you could get yourself some lightweight hardware. Let’s explore the latter option with the Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack.

The Lightest Hardware Pack On The Market

Yamaha’s Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack consists of two CS3 cymbal stands, one SS3 snare stand and one HHS3 hi-hat stand. The HW3 Pack comes with a convenient carrying case with enough room leftover for your throne and bass pedal. Each piece of hardware is constructed from durable, lightweight Aluminum. The Matte finished fittings keep the appearance consistently attractive from fingerprints, and is refreshingly different.

Smart Design

The combined weight of the HW3 Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack is an impressive 17 lbs. If you are a drummer on the go, that is definitely reason to celebrate. Being lightweight won’t do you much good unless the gear is also sturdy. This is where Yamaha seems to have struck the perfect balance.

Yamaha has employed crimped aluminum legs to bring the ease of a tripod, with the weight of a flat based stand. The durable channel-tracked legs are supported with aluminum bracing that folds up neatly within itself. This allows for solid performance along with exceptional portability.

The sub-five pound HHS3 Hi-Hat Stand is remarkably stable thanks to a cast aluminum pedal frame. It also boasts a pro-level clutch that you’d expect from a Yamaha product. The SS3 snare stand’s basket uses the same chanel track design as the tripod base, making it strong enough for even your heavier cast snare drums.


Crosstown Hardware shares many of the features that makes the rest of their hardware lineup so successful. It also has some unique innovations that are pretty ingenious. Tripod legs sport non-slip rubber feet that grip securely. The cast aluminum pipe clamps share a universal diameter that allow the stands to be converted into a more compact two-piece stand if desired. Beveled grommets are another small, yet crucial feature that protect fingers and fittings from unpleasant damage.

The Verdict

The main benefit of this sturdy tripod design is the load capacity. We put the Crosstown pack through its paces with a 22” ride, 18” crash and 15” hats with no stability issues. There are obviously limits. If you are a heavy-handed basher, this lightweight option might not suit your needs. The 600 series or 700 series is a more viable option for you metal-heads.

The cost of Yamaha Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware Pack is as impressive as its performance. You can pick up the HW-3 from Drum Center of Portsmouth for only $399.99. Considering the convenience this adds to the gigging drummer’s plight, we’d call this a no-brainer.