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WFLIII Drums Review

WFLIII Drums: The Sound of Generations

Built on a 100-year tradition of modern drum making, WFLIII Drums have become the new standard in vintage tone. Like his father and grandfather before him, Bill Ludwig III is devoted to providing the drum community with only the highest quality and best sounding drums you can buy. WFLIII Drums have been designed from the ground up with traditional concepts and an ear for today's music. Built with the finest materials and constructed for dynamic sound qualities at home on stage and in the studio, WFLIII drums are bringing quality and pride back for drummers to enjoy.

A New Generation of That Classic Sound

WFLIII Generations drum sets feature 3-ply maple/poplar/maple shells that are modeled after the original Ludwig and Ludwig shell design of the past. WFLIII shells are manufactured by Keller using a proprietary WFLIII formula with thinner plies than any other Keller offering. The shells are reinforced using a solid-ply maple ring for added strength.

These thin shells produce a lovely, super low end thump that is definitely reminiscent of the old-time drum sound so many vintage drum collectors covet.  The Classic Maple Snare Drum we tested shares the same shell formula and has a dry, crispy attack with prominent low end. The shell projects nicely, and the snares are responsive with a light touch.

We also tried out a beefy 14x6.5 WFLIII Signature Aluminum Snare Drum featuring a 3mm (1/8") beadless aluminum shell.  The name Ludwig is synonymous with Aluminum snare drums, and the WFLIII Signature is like an old-school Ludwig Aluminum on steroids.  With it's thick shell, 45 degree bearing edges and Trick Throw off, this snare is all-modern sound. Tons of projection and articulation makes this snare drum ideal for live or studio situations. Surprisingly, the combination of this modern tone with the vintage vibe of the WFLIII Generations Drum Set make a lovely combination!

The Verdict

Many manufacturers are attempting to recreate the vintage sound of thin shelled drums - to varying degrees of success. Without a doubt, the WFLIII shell recipe delivers a 100% vintage tone that collector's crave. Why roll the dice on a sketchy vintage kit from Craiglist when you can have the same tone in a brand new, fully warranted kit from WFLIII?  To us, it's a no-brainer.

Drum Center of Portsmouth is your home for everything WFLIII.  When you are ready to build your brand new vintage kit, give us a call. We look forward to walking you through the process of achieving your ideal sound!