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Welcome to the New DrumcenterNH.com!

Welcome to the new site!!

You may have noticed that the DCP website has been a bit, shall we say… stagnant.  The site was set up in a blog-ish format that people seemed to really enjoy, but the problem we were encountering was updating the products.  It was so much work, that we knew that we needed to start from scratch and build it on an entirely new platform, which is what you are seeing here.

  And it's just the beginning.  You will notice some holes here and there, they will be gradually filled with new products and offerings.  These things take time, but I wanted to deliver this site to you sooner than later.  You can now see the video demos right in the product pages, you can get some personalized opinions about certain products from our knowledgable staff, not just copied marketing info, though that is there as well.  I envisioned a site that offers the depth of products that the big boys do, but also able to carry over the mom and pop experience as well.  I want your buying and order fulfillment experience to be EASY and quick.  I want you to be able to visit a product page, see our video on a certain product, see what one of our staff has to say about it, and I want you to be able to make the purchase with just a few clicks, and have a tracking number posted to you within a day.  I know that delivering this experience will encourage you to visit this site more, and we will continue to pour our resources into it to ensure this happens for you.

  I really appreciate your support over the years.  You have helped DCP grow from an idea in 2009 into one of the "Top 100 Music Stores" in 2012 by NAMM.  It's been an incredible experience, and as they say, the best is yet to come!

Please have a look around and let us know what you think.  We hope to do business with you soon.