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The Best Heavy Metal Snare Drums

The Best Heavy Metal Snare Drums

Choosing the correct snare drum for your particular genre of music is important. If you’re playing in a low to medium volume situation, wood or thin-shelled metal drums are a great choice. However, if you play in a hard rock or metal band, you’re probably competing against some seriously loud guitars. That’s when you need a snare drum that will slice through those Marshall stacks like butter. We’ve put together a list of 7 heavy metal shelled snare drums that will project all the volume you need, along with providing some excellent tone.

A&F Bell Brass A&F'er Snare Drum 14x6.5

At the heart of the A&F’er Bell Brass snare drum is a thick, 4.8mm rolled bell brass shell. The drum also features single flanged bell brass hoops, which helps project the clear, smooth tone. The hardware also includes 2 rows of their patented raw brass lugs for excellent tunability. What separates the A&F’er from other snare drums on this list is that A&F hand cuts, rolls, welds, and sand our shells and hoops, hand cut bearing edges and snare beds. It’s truly a hands-on operation that makes each instrument a one-of a kind.

Gretsch USA Bell Brass Snare Drum 14x6.5

The Gretsch USA Bell Brass snare drum is the first of 3 on our list. This snare features a robust, natural 3.0mm bell brass shell with center knurl and is adorned in that great Gretsch USA hardware. While there is no doubt that this drum projects a ton of volume, it also has some extra snare response thanks to the 42-strand wires!

Gretsch USA Solid Steel Snare Drum 14x6.5

Among the best of the best on this list is the beefy Gretsch USA Solid Steel Snare Drum. A thick steel shell (when made correctly) gives off a pleasantly sharp attack. This snare drum also delivers an ominous, dark tone that balances the sharpness. Power, versatility, definition, sensitivity...It’s all here. 3mm reinforced solid steel shells with 45-degree bearing edges. Finished in a deep Black Chrome with 10 classic lugs. Additional features include a Lightning throw-off, die-cast hoops, 'Snap-In' key holder, center shell Gretsch knurled pattern and 42-Strand snare wire.

Noble And Cooley Alloy Classic Snare Drum 14x6

The Industry Classic! This 6x14 Noble & Cooley Alloy Classic snare drum has a unique cast aluminum shell that delivers a focused, dense sound. It cracks very well at high tunings, but can emulate a wood shell at lower tunings. Its tremendous versatility in the recording studio or on the stage makes it a MUST HAVE for the working drummer's arsenal.

Canopus 3mm Brass Snare Drum 14x6.5 8-Lug

When playing a metal shell snare drum, in a live or studio situation, sometimes a more powerful presence and maximum intensity of sound is desired. Canopus Custom Brass has a 3mm SEAMLESS shell that meets this challenge with outstanding results. It has a wide tuning range with plenty of power and intensity. Most importantly, it has a full, rich tone. Canopus has also developed a unique, original edge shape for the Custom Brass which provides extreme responsiveness and a range of expression guaranteed to satisfy all players.

Tama Signature Series Snare Drum John Tempesta 14x7

There are some big John Tempesta fans at Drum Center of Portsmouth. His signature sound can be described as tight, loud, and aggressive. The 7x14 Tama John Tempesta Signature Series Snare Drum is the personification of his style. The combination of a 42-strand snappy snare with a 2mm thick, 7" brass shell gives the JT147 a loud, powerful sound that has a unique depth of tone. The brushed black nickel finish, with black nickel hardware and beefy die-cast hoops give the drum an appropriate aggressive look. This is one signature model snare drum from Tama you need to check out.

Gretsch USA Phosphor Bronze Snare Drum 14x6.5

When you absolutely have to destroy every 2 and 4 in the room, think Gretsch Bronze! This is the heaviest drum they produce, both in actual weight and in the sound it produces. A 5mm shell with a 45-degree bearing edge is at the core, providing projection and clarity like no other. Additional features include Lightning throw-off, die-cast hoops, 'Snap-In' key holder, and 42-Strand snare wires. If you want to rock hard, this snare drum will not disappoint!

Which Heavy Metal Snare is Right For You?

At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we carry these snare drums, and hundreds of others. Helping you find the snare drum that best suits you individual needs is what we do best. Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email, and one of our professional drum associates will work with you every step of the way!