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The 10 Best Shallow Snare Drums

The 10 Best Shallow Snare Drums


Small But Mighty - The 10 Best Shallow Snare Drums

A great sounding snare drum can come in many different materials and sizes. When searching for a new snare, most people will gravitate towards one that is between 5 and 8 inches deep. However, adding a snare drum that is shallower can add a completely different sound and FEEL to your musical arsenal. Here are TEN of our current favorites that we think deserve your consideration!


Tama Peter Erskine Signature Snare Drum - 14x4.5

At first glance, the Tama Drums Peter Erskine Signature Model Snare Drum is simply a good-looking 14x4.5. Upon further inspection, its shell is thoughtfully made from Maple and Spruce plies with a single re-ring on the top. The result is an incredibly sensitive snare that begs to be played dynamically.


Stanton Moore Spirit of New Orleans MonoPly Poplar Snare Drum 14x4.5

This remarkably responsive snare drum is one of several variations of the “Spirit of New Orleans” made by master craftsman and native Canadian Ronn Dunnett, in conjunction with artist Stanton Moore. As the name suggests. The shell is crafted from a single ply of solid poplar, and outfitted with premium Tube Lugs, Hypervent II, R4 Strainer, and Triple-Flanged Hoops.


DW Collectors Copper Snare Drum 14x4

Having a tough time choosing between a metal or wood shell for your main snare drum? This 4x14 DW Collectors Copper Snare Drum with Chrome Hardware may just be the answer! Often thought of as the warmest sounding metal, copper is a relatively soft metal with many of the tonal characteristics more associated with wood drums. Offered in a polished finish, Collector's copper delivers a warm, fat crack with plenty of articulate response.


Ahead Black Chrome On Brass Snare Drum 14x4 w/Trick Throw-Off

Ahead snare drums have proven to be an outstanding value in the world of performing snare drums. These are made for the drummer who insists on consistent performance by employing premium appointments, like the throw-off, hoops, wires, right down to the tension rods. If you need sound AND stability, the Ahead snare drums are a terrific option.

This 4" snare is the perfect depth for many applications and this brass shell provides a legendary sound that this classic-style drum is famous for.


Keplinger Black Iron Snare Drum 14x4

Gregg Keplinger is a rare hybrid of drumming talent and percussive artisan. He builds no-nonsense, BEEFY snare drums that are the not-so secret weapon of the world’s best recording studios. This 14x4 Black Iron has THAT secret sauce, along with a surprisingly large tuning range!


Gretsch Gergo Borlai Signature Series 14x4.25

The key elements of the Borlai Signature include a 14x4.25” 1.2mm brass shell, 45 degree bearing edges, 42-strand snare wires and 4mm Die Cast hoops, making this instrument one of the more distinctive in the Gretsch snare drum assortment. The shell’s surface is finished with an applied sand blast texture for a unique look and tighter overall sound.  

A Lightning throw-off, Gretsch Permatone Control Sound head by Remo USA and an inside identification label specifies the year of production and is signed by Gergo Borlai rounds off this one-of-a-kind snare drum.


Canopus 'The Maple' Snare Drum 14x4 w/ Cast Hoops Oil

Sporting a classic Natural Oil finish, "The Maple" by Canopus is a staff favorite here at Drum Center of Portsmouth. This is one of those snare drums that will do it all. The 8-ply shell configuration is optimized for maximum projection. 8 premium, brass-plated single point lugs give it just the right balance of openness and tunability. It's responsive and thick at lower tunings, and it screams when it's cranked up. Canopus diecast hoops tame the overtones just enough. This is the ultimate instrument for the serious drummer!


Ludwig Carl Palmer Venus Snare Drum 14x3.7

This snare drum has changed the way we look at signature snare drums. Sure, there's a lower price on this than most high end Ludwig snare drums, but the performance is there. Carl Palmer's "Venus" Signature Snare Drum is a truly-personalized instrument, Carl's "Venus" is crafted for volume and intricate clarity. Its beaded-brass 3.7"x14" shell is lacquered green for a stunning look, with brass-plated separate-tension tube lugs and die-cast hoops to offer visual contrast. More than a "Power-Piccolo",this drum has a diverse tuning range and delivers a much higher performance than the price indicates.


Noble & Cooley Solid Shell Classic Maple Snare Drum 14x3 7/8 Piano Black Gloss

This gorgeous 14x3 7/8 Noble & Cooley Solid Shell Maple snare drum in piano black gloss finish will do whatever you want it to! The tone is crisp and clean no matter how you tune it.

Since the Civil War, Noble & Cooley has been steam-bending Solid Shell snare drums. The technology has improved, but the tradition remains unchanged. The SS series has been the go-to for studio professionals since the early 1980s. Each quarter inch thick shell is hand-picked for grain consistency. Noble & Cooley's patented Nodal Point technology ensures that the shell's tone is unaffected by the mass of the lug. If you are a serious working drummer, this is a must-have snare drum!


Pearl Steel Piccolo Snare Drum 13x3

The 3x13 Pearl S1330B Piccolo Snare Drum is your ticket to Snap City! This is an affordable offering from Pearl that will be right at home as either an effects snare or your main snare (depending on your preferred musical genre). Its shallow steel shell is happiest when the heads are cranked up high, projecting tight metallic tone that cuts through any mix. Pearl's S1330B Piccolo Snare sports an 8-lug design and quality 1.6mm hoops.


There you have it. Ten completely different shallow snare drums from ten different manufacturers. We think there is probably one or two on this list that may catch your ear, but if not, search our entire inventory of shallow snare drums here! 


29 days ago