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The 10 Best 13 Inch Hi Hat Cymbals

The 10 Best 13 Inch Hi Hat Cymbals

When it comes to hi-hat cymbals, many people will default to only 14” hi-hats, or perhaps 15” hi-hats. While the 13 inch variety is easily overlooked, you may be surprised how well they fit into any genre of music. From jazz to metal, the slightly higher pitch from 13’s can add a distinct and unique voice to inspire your creativity!

The Drum Center of Portsmouth has hand-picked ten of our favorite sounding thirteen inch hi-hats that we think you’ll love! Simply click on the links for more info or to purchase!


Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Hi Hat Cymbals 13.25"

A visually stunning brilliant finish inner half married with a traditional finish outer half creates a unique balance of brightness and darkness that has made K Custom Hybrid a truly modern K voice.  The Hybrids feature a combination of K Zildjian and modern hammering techniques, fine pattern of narrow symmetrical grooves stiffen the cymbal and enhance its dry sound. Designed with Akira Jimbo to combine darkness and brilliance.

The K1213 Hybrid hats combine the power of a 14" with the control of a 13" HiHat pair. Reverse Mastersound "Hybrid hammering" on bottom cymbal. Increased surface area on contact points between cymbals result in a warmer "chick".


Zildjian A New Beat Hi Hat Cymbals 13"


Zildjian New Beat Hats have long been considered to be among the most versatile hi hat cymbals on the market. These industry standard hats were designed by legendary drummer Louie Bellson to possess an ideal combination of stick and chick sound. New Beat Hats are symmetrically machine hammered and lathed with a traditional wide groove, which projects a traditional tone that is pure, bright, and expressive. This set of 13" New Beat Hi Hat Cymbals are full and bright, and would make a great set of hats for all kinds of musical genres. We carry a huge Zildjian inventory at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.


Paiste Signature 13 Dark Crisp Hi Hat Cymbals

When it comes to recorded sound, nothing beats the Paiste Signature Series. These Dark Crisp hats are fairly dark, full, and crisp with a wide range and complex mix. PAistes Signatures have a very responsive feel. With a full, slightly dirty open sound and crisp, strong chick sound these are a very articulate and versatile 13” hi-hat!


Paiste 2002 Sound Edge Hi Hat Cymbals 13"

We'll be up front. We LOVE the classic 2002 Paiste Sound Edge Hi Hats. These 13" hats are the original wavy bottomed hat that paved the way for every other cymbal company to follow suit. What makes them so special? Everything. They have a bright, crisp stick sound that cut in the most musical way. When played slightly open, these cymbals shine. Warm, beautiful sloshy tone that is anything but clangy. Whether played with a light touch, or a heavy-handed stroke you hear everything these hats have to offer. Use these for literally any type of music from Gospel to Grindcore. Every drummer should have a pair of these. Get your Paiste Sound Edge Hats from Drum Center of Portsmouth.


Meinl Byzance Fast Hi Hat Cymbals Brilliant 13”

Though 'Brilliant' refers to its finish, this series actually darkens the traditional Byzance sound, using a finishing process that limits the high end as the cymbal is buffed. Heavier models penetrate with directness, thinner ones shimmer with warmth.


Meinl Byzance Brilliant Serpents Hi Hat Cymbals 13”

Designed in conjunction with Metal God Derek Roddy, the Byzance Brilliant Serpents are unique in that they sound spectacular with either hat on top OR bottom! Throw the brilliant on top for more volume and brightness, or use the dry hat on top for some crispy, extreme articulation!


Wuhan Hi Hat Cymbals 13"

At ONLY $121, the Wuhan “Western Style” hi-hats are unquestionably the best value on this list. Wuhan hi hats feature a medium thin top cymbal for quick expressive stick response, while the medium weight bottom provides definition and projection to the chick closed cymbal sound. These cymbals are hand hammered, lathed, and are topped off with a striking brilliant finish.


Istanbul Agop Xist Dry Dark Hi Hat Cymbals 13"

Pointed, dark and trashy attack with a fast decay. Insert an additional 10” Dry Dark Splash (not included) resting in the bottom cymbal for even greater attack, a more prominent chick sound and ever quicker decay, or use it as an alternate bottom cymbal for a low volume, soft hi hat pairing that retains crisp sticking. When not used as a Hi Hat pair, the top cymbal makes for a quick and trashy splash and the bottom can be used as an accent bell or rested on a drum as a mute or alternate sticking surface.


Istanbul Agop Traditional Light Hi Hat Cymbals 13"

Producing some of the best hand hammered cymbals in the universe for artists, professionals, collectors, amateurs and beginners, these 13” Traditional Lights are extremely well suited for music requiring less volume and more delicious tone!


Sabian Paragon Hi Hat Cymbals 13"

A medium weight pairing for fast, crisp responses and clean, bright, well-defined sticking, Sabian 13" Paragon Hi-Hats were designed for legendary RUSH drummer Neil Peart. Handcrafted from pure Sabian B20 bronze, Paragon cymbals offer subtle looks and powerful, dynamic sounds. Created using AA-style hammering and an innovative mix of sound-defining features from the AA, AAX, and HH series, Paragon defines a new, closer relationship between power and musicality in cymbals that are dynamically responsive, highly durable, and effective in a wide range of applications.


There you have it! 10 AMAZING 13 inch hi hat cymbals that we think you’ll LOVE! If you have any questions about ANY cymbals, the Drum Center of Portsmouth carries a massive selection. Our specialty is helping you find YOUR ideal cymbal sound.

2 months ago