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Tama Star Bubinga Limited Edition Red Viking Drum Set

Celebrating The DCP 10th Anniversary With Style

When it comes to high-end drum sets, you really can’t beat the Tama Star line. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is simply second to none. What could possibly be better than a Tama Star Bubinga Drum Set, you ask?  How about an extremely limited, exotic Tama Star Red Viking kit?

Drum Center of Portsmouth recently celebrated our 10th year in business.  Many manufacturers from around the world were kind enough to create exclusive, limited edition drums and cymbals to help commemorate this milestone.  Tama handmade a small batch of limited 14x7 Solid Mahogany Star Snare Drums that are absolutely stunning, as well as this Tama Star Bubinga Limited Edition 5pc Drum Set in Exotic Red Viking finish!

The Return of the Tama Red Viking

In 2005, Tama released the Limited Edition Starclassic Exotix Red Viking Drum Set.  While it was an incredible sounding, highly collectible kit, we believe that this kit is better in every way. Here are 3 reasons why!

1) The depths of the toms, snare and kick are more versatile.

The toms are 10x8 and 12x9, making them responsive and impossibly dynamic. The square sized floor toms (14x14, 16x16) deliver low end with serious sustain. 

The 22x14 bass drum is, in our opinion, the perfect sized kick to punch you in the chest and get out of the way. The crown jewel 14x6.5 snare drum has an extra ½ inch of depth that makes it exceptionally adaptable to any genre of music you choose.

2) The Star hardware is more advanced and user friendly.

We absolutely love the practicality of the quick-release tom and floor tom brackets. The improved Super Resonant Mounting System on the Star line improves sustain and ease of setup over the older Starclassic models.

3) There are only 3 of these kits available in the United States,

...and we have all 3!  These are sure to become some of the most collectible Tama Star Kits ever made.

DCP is Your Home for Tama Star Drums

Nobody does high end drums like Tama Star.  Nobody is more knowledgeable about Tama Star than the pros at Drum Center of Portsmouth.  We carry a huge selection of Tama Star Drum Sets and Tama Star Snare Drums in stock at all times.  If you need advice on building the Tama Star Kit of your dreams, give us a call and we’ll gladly walk you through it!