Sabian SR2 Cymbals Review - Incredible Value For Your Buck

Sabian SR2 Cymbals Review - Incredible Value For Your Buck

Here at Drum Center of Portsmouth, we love high end drums, gear and cymbals. We also love a great deal. When it comes to getting the most cymbal for your money, it’s hard to beat Sabian SR2 cymbals. What are Sabian SR2 cymbals? Glad you asked. Sabian SR2 cymbals are SABIAN B20 cast cymbal returns from trade shows, artist loaners, store displays, and more. After a thorough inspection process, qualifying models are refurbished and sold as “SR2”, at a significant discount.

The Mystery Behind the Sabian SR2 Cymbal

What we find so intriguing about Sabian SR2 refurbished cymbals, besides their incredible value, is their past. These cymbals all look pretty much the same on the surface, but look closer and you can hazard a guess on what type of cymbal they were before they were refinished. If you are up to speed on your Sabian models, you can probably guess if your particular SR2 was an AA, AAX, HH, HHX or Artisan. Browsing through our selection of over 200 SR2 cymbals is like going on a treasure hunt, you might just find an ultra high-end Sabian at an entry-level price!

Hand Picking the Gems

Every year we jump in the car and drive nearly 400 miles to the Great White North to be the first to pick through all of Sabian’s SR2 offerings for the year. Once we arrive at the factory, we play EVERY cymbal in their inventory and hand select only the finest sounding instruments to bring home to New Hampshire. By the end of the day, our ears are shredded, but we feel like it’s well worth the effort to fill our shop with hundreds of amazing sounding cymbals that we can sell at a great price.

Hear Them for Yourself

Now that our shelves are stocked with only the best Sabian SR2’s, you can go online HERE TO LISTEN TO EACH CYMBAL. You can view hi-res images and hear crystal clear audio to help you make an informed decision on which cymbal might be right for your setup. At DCP, we’re all about Sabian Cymbals. From AA to Artisan, we’ve got a sound that will work for everyone’s style and budget.
2 years ago