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  • 8 Best Bass Drum Pedals for 2020

    A drum set is one of the most intimidating instruments with a multitude of pieces and the variables associated with each. Once each piece is in place, there is the task of tuning and adjusting tension to produce the best sound, and that is before considering drum shells, cymbals, and all the other features.

    Choosing the right gear can be overwhelming, but certainly not impossible. The experts at Drum Center of Portsmouth have created guides for everything, including ones for beginners. Each piece of a kit needs a buying guide, but we are focusing on the best bass drum pedals here. The right bass drum pedal is crucial because it needs to operate as an extension of your leg and foot. With dozens of models to choose from, finding the best one might seem difficult.

    That is where the Drum Center of Portsmouth comes in! We have compiled all the best pedals for 2020 and need-to-know information right here.

    Our Best-Rated Product

    The best equipment will lead to the best kit for an individual drummer and the music you are looking to create. Drum kits are personal and built around preference – so of course, bass drum pedals are included in that. Over the years, this particular piece of hardware has evolved with new models combining the best of the old and new.

    The Drum Center of Portsmouth stocks these top models and has compiled the top eight. Whether you are looking for something at a beginner’s level or the more advanced Trick Pro 1-V Big Foot Low Mass Direct Drive Single Pedal, there is something for everyone. For professionals in a rush, the best-rated product will be the Trick Pro 1-V Big Foot Low Mass Direct Drive Single Pedal. These models are all available online and in stores, with most featuring our special financing option. Check them out today!


    1 Best Bass Pedal with a Classic Look: Yamaha FP-9 Chain Drive Bass Pedal with Case

    Best Bass Pedal with a Classic Look: Yamaha FP-9 Chain Drive Bass Pedal with Case

    • Adjustable cams
    • Auto-lock spring adjustment
    • Anti-skid heel spikes
    • Weight adjustable beater


    • Extra thick heavy chain doesn’t flex as easily as it could
    • Cam location in comparison to batter heads

    This Yamaha model combines a classic look with a few striking twists. It is a light-weight design that produces a great sound against steel, black, and blue elements. Some new elements also include adjustable cams and linkages to create preferred pedal action. This allows users to adjust drum key bolt toggles as needed through the 3-position cam.

    With a double-chain model, drummers can move through smooth concentric action with nice tension or create an eccentric action with a heavy finish. It has an auto-lock spring adjustment with swivel spring mounting. Overall, this is a true Yamaha model with power and speed accompanied by gold and blue accents for a classic Yamaha look.


    • Auto-lock spring adjustment
    • Cam and direct drive adjustment
    • Secondary pedal anchor
    • Heavy-duty casing with subframe
    • Quick side-access hoop clamp
    • Single chain

    The FP-9 has slick, low playability that is easy to manipulate without limiting opportunities for sound. The design is stylish, smooth, and easy to adjust. Overall, we highly recommend this model that is available online and in stores. Check it out today!


    2 Best Bass Pedal to Avoid Fishtailing: Yamaha FP-9 Direct Drive Bass Pedal with Case

    Best Bass Pedal to Avoid Fishtailing: Yamaha FP-9 Direct Drive Bass Pedal with Case

    • Direct drive for tighter control
    • Anti-skid designed to prevent fishtailing
    • Auto-lock adjustment


    • Not a good price for beginners

    The Yamaha FP-9 Direct Drive Bass Pedal is distinct from other Yamaha models on this list due to the direct drive. The 3-position drive grants power, speed, and fluidity. It also has features like auto-lock spring adjustment, ball bearing drive connection, swivel spring mounting, and more. The anti-skid heel spikes ensure the pedal won’t slip around while playing and has a unique placement near the heel to prevent fishtailing.


    • Stabilising and anti-skid heel spikes
    • Cam and direct drive adjustments
    • Swivel spring mounting for even tension
    • Ball-bearing drive connection

    If you are willing to make an investment and seek tight control with a direct drive, this Yamaha model might be just what you are looking for. Connect with the Drum Center of Portsmouth in-store or online to check out this model for yourself.


    3 Best Bass Pedals for Beginners: Tama Speed Cobra 910 Single Pedal

    Best Bass Pedals for Beginners: Tama Speed Cobra 910 Single Pedal

    • Super Stabiliser Design
    • Hard-shell carrying case
    • Hinge guard block
    • Affordable price


    • Best suited for beginners

    The Speed Cobra is a single kick drum pedal perfect for the avid player with the smooth, extra-long footboard. It gives extra leverage to minimise effort and allows for foot-slide techniques. The Super Stabiliser design created by the wide baseplate allows for complete stability.

    The Speed Cobra is also durable at the hinge point with a 3-piece Hinge Guard Block that also brings speed and control. The recessed setting feature is on top of the footboard and away from the cam, bringing natural motion not found on other designs. The Quick-Hook spring attachment prevents wobbling, so you will have maximum power transmission and control.


    • Long footboard
    • Cobra coil return spring
    • Swivel Spring Tight tension lock
    • Para Clamp II prevents scratching

    The number of features unique to the Tama Speed Cobra 910 makes it one of the best options for avid drummers. If you are looking for durability with natural ease, check this pedal out – available online and in-store!


    4 Best Bass Pedal for Responsiveness: Tama Dyna-Sync Single Pedal

    Best Bass Pedal for Responsiveness: Tama Dyna-Sync Single Pedal

    • Footboard Angle Adjustment


    • High price point

    The Tama Dyna-Sync Single Pedal is one of the most high-performing, reliable models on the market. The name is short for the Dynamic Synchronisation System, which is comprised of three elements. Those elements are the Optimised Transmission Design, Dual Linkage, and the Slidable Cam. The transmission allows for footboard angle adjustments and nuanced beater for speed, feel, and power. Dual Linkage connects cam and pedal at four points for ideal power and stabilisation, and the Slidable Cam allows for response modification.


    • Slidable cam
    • Dual linkage
    • Para-Clamp II Pro
    • Hinge Guard Block
    • Swivel Spring Tight

    Tama maintains its reputation for excellence and unique features with the Tama Dyna-Sync Single Pedal and the Dynamic Synchronisation System. The pedal is available online and in-store, and we recommend checking it out today.


    5 Best Bass Pedal for Transport: Sonor Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal by Jojo Mayer

    Best Bass Pedal for Transport: Sonor Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal by Jojo Mayer

    • Easy fold for transport
    • Adjustable tension
    • Self-mounting clamp for fast and easy setup


    • Initial spring tension is too light but can be adjusted

    This pedal is crafted with the expertise of Jojo Mayer to create a pedal with a fast throw and slow return. Mayer achieves this with the linear cam providing a quick wallop and slow return to the original position. The design is a nice vintage look of completely slick silver metal with black rubber pieces on the strap, button, and cushion.


    • Linear cams
    • Ballistic-fiber strap
    • Magnetic spring mount
    • Belt drive
    • Low mass combination round drive

    The Drum Center of Portsmouth recommends the Sonor Perfect Balance Bass Drum Pedal by Jojo Mayer for anyone looking for a modern pedal with a vintage feel. It grants smooth to play with enough adjustment for multiple playing styles. We recommend checking it out online or in-store to see this pedal for yourself.


    6 Best Bass Pedal with Extended Footboard: DW Pedals: DW 900 Single Pedal Extended Footboard

    Best Bass Pedal with Extended Footboard: DW Pedals: DW 900 Single Pedal Extended Footboard

    • Non-slip rubber grip base
    • Secure Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp
    • Footboard one inch longer than standard series
    • Ease of cam adjustment


    • Can take time to adjust to longboard length if not used to it
    • Little variation in the beater

    The 9000 series from DW Pedals combines input from drum techs and drummers for this pedal. It includes features like base assembly, plastic tube insulators, memory locks on tube joints, large reset handles, and more. It includes patented features like the free-floating rotor-drive system, infinitely adjustment cam, and rotating swivel spring. All of this combines for stroke optimisation, precision, and power.

    One of the most versatile features is the infinite adjustable cam that can be set from Accelerator to Turbo Drive and in between. The Free-Floating Rotor drive can turn independently of the rotor and transmit power from the board straight to the beater. Overall, the 9000 series gives smooth, gravity-defying action.


    • Double chain drive
    • Single kick pedal
    • EZ Infinite Adjustable Cam
    • Free-floating rotor-drove system

    The extended longboard design makes the DW 900 Single Pedal great for fast and rapid playing. This fluid pedal provides infinite adjustment options and can be found in-stores and online from the Drum Center of Portsmouth. Check it out today!


    7 Best Bass Pedal with Adjustments: DW Pedals: Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal

    Best Bass Pedal with Adjustments: DW Pedals: Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal

    • Vertical Sliding Spring Adjustment
    • Manufacturer’s Warranty included
    • Carrying case
    • Sprocket-less cam is adjustable


    • Higher price range

    The Machined Chain Drive Single Pedal has a few unique characteristics, including the sprocket-less cam that uses a gear shift-style lever. This lever allows for quick shifts between various chain-drive cam settings. It is a cousin to the DW direct drive series.

    It has a unique aesthetic with an all-aluminum body with a perforated footboard and a contoured heel plate. It also has a matching carrying case. It also features a patented Vertical Sliding Spring Adjustment with a customisable control beater. This brings unmatched adjustment for weight/impact and makes it one of the best pedals offered by DW.


    • Solid aluminum construction
    • Optimised Fulcrum Geometry linkage
    • Tri-pivot swivel toe clamp
    • Machined chain drive cam

    In terms of chain drive options, this one is hard to beat. It is one of the most popular models from DW and highly recommended by the staff at Drum Center of Portsmouth. You can check this pedal out online and in-store now.


    8 Best Bass Pedal Overall: Trick Pro 1-V Big Foot Low Mass Direct Drive Single Pedal

    Best Bass Pedal Overall: Trick Pro 1-V Big Foot Low Mass Direct Drive Single Pedal

    • Extreme durability
    • Direct or chain drive options
    • Low mass design
    • Bearings are extremely smooth


    • High price range
    • Not recommended for beginners

    The Pro 1-V is a reinvention of the kick drum pedal from Trick and has the smoothest, most responsive design from Trick. The design starts with billets manufactured to aerospace quality and uses compression spring technology, ball bearings, adjustment scale, and laser-etched logos.

    The hoop mount is spring-loaded for easy mounting and easy adjustment to different hoop depths. There are no tools needed for spring tension adjustment, and a simple turn of a knob is all it takes to adjust. The Big Foot design has maximum flexibility, and the low-mass pedal gives a light feel. All of this means the pedal has a balanced combination of rigidity, quicker response, strength, and expanded adjustment.


    • Split cam adjustability
    • Simple Knob Tension Adjustment
    • Compression Spring Design
    • Versatile adjustable clamp system
    • Super-versatile beater

    The Trick Pro 1-V Big Foot Low Mass Direct Drive Single pedal is ideal for professionals looking for quality, dependability, and accuracy. It is on the higher end of the pedal price range, so we do not recommend it for beginners. This is certainly an investment and should be selected by avid drummers. Come check it out online or in stores at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.


    Buyers Guide for Bass Drum Pedals

    Before committing to a bass drum pedal, there are a few key characteristics and features to keep in mind. You will want to understand the various components and options, so you find the right fit for your kit. While this guide is a great start, the experts at Drum Center of Portsmouth are always on hand for additional questions.


    The drive is the piece that connects the footboard to the beater and allows the mallet to strike the drum – which makes it the most important piece. There are three types of drives: direct, chain, and belt. No drive mechanism is better than another, so preference depends on the drummer.
    · Direct drive is a piece of metal directly attached to the foot pedal. This type of drive does not have flex, so there’s no unwanted movement, and the response and control is tighter.
    · Chain drive is the most common type. It is a chain connected to the pedal and provides a smooth feel. There are single-chain and double-chain models with single-chain common on entry-level pedals. Both types have high quality, durable, and sturdy models.
    · Belt (or strap) drive utilises a leather, nylon, or rubber strap to drive the mallet forward. Typically belt drives are less durable than other types, but new belts are formed from durable materials to address this.


    Cams control the acceleration of the mallet and come in two types: oblong/oval or round. A rounded cam is consistent, allowing for dynamic control. Oblong cams work similarly to a gas pedal where the more you depress the pedal, the more force is applied to the mallet.

    Pedal Length

    This feature is pretty self-explanatory since it addresses the length of the pedal. Pedal length isn’t as important as cam and drive, but it does affect comfort while playing. This should be decided based on the size of your foot.


    FAQ Section

    What to consider when buying bass drum pedals?

    Many of the factors to consider are outlined here in the buyer’s guide. Some of it is personal preference, like pedal length and brand reputation. You should also consider price, skill level, and the type of music you want to play the most.

    How do I know I'm ready to buy bass drum pedals?

    If you are building a drum kit, you will find the bass drum pedals are essential. They serve as the mechanical connection between your foot and the bass drum. These devices tend to be pretty durable, so when you buy the first one, it should last a while. Depending on the drive type, you might need to replace the belt or chain after extended use.

    How much should I expect to spend?

    Most bass drum pedals range from $200 to $600 depending on the model and brand. A good pedal can be quite pricey, so be prepared for an investment if you want good returns. Another option is to finance a pedal through the affirm program available at Drum Center of Portsmouth. Contact our staff today to learn more!

    What is the difference between bass pedals and double bass pedals?

    If you spend some time looking at the inventory on Drum Center of Portsmouth, you will see variations of the models here that are double bass pedals. Double simply means there are two pedals connected. If you have two bass drums on your kit, you might look into the double bass pedal options. If not, this is not a feature you would need. Deciding on a double bass kit is another personal preference for drummers.


    Bottom Line

    As you can see, there are plenty of bass drum pedals that can help your drumming and make your kit great. Remember that every pedal is different, not just every model. Experiment with pedal types, so you find the best one for your style. This might mean checking out the different drives, brands, and cams available. The Drum Center of Portsmouth is available both in-store and online, so let us help you find the best bass drum pedal.

  • 6 Best Double Bass Pedals for 2020

    Bass pedals are great to have in your drum kit because they make doubling up bass rhythms much easier. Double bass pedal playing is a technique most commonly used by drummers in the alternative genre. They're perfect for beginners who need help with their swivel or heel-toe and even for experienced drummers who want the high speeds that a double bass pedal provides.

    With all of the options on the market, it can be challenging to decide on a model that is well-suited for you. This review will take the guesswork out of your hunt for the perfect double bass pedal, so you can get started on creating well-arranged breakdowns and quick odd time signature grooves.

    In this comprehensive buyer's guide, we're going to take a close look at 2020's best double bass pedals.

    Our Top Rated Product

    For those in a hurry, our top-rated pick for double bass pedals is the Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive Double Bass Pedal. This model, which is "engineered for your sole," is loved for its swiftness and easy adjustments.

    With this model, you get even tension, a wide range of pedal movement, and a heavy-duty build. Keep reading to have a look at the complete Yamaha DFP-9C review, or jump ahead to our review table here.


    1 DW 9000 Double Pedal Extended Footboard: Best Option for Beginners

    DW 9000 Double Pedal Extended Footboard: Best Option for Beginners

    • Longer footboard than standard 9000 series boards
    • Option to switch between chain drive and nylon strap
    • Easy adjustability


    • N/A

    Like the original model, the DW 9000 Double Pedal Extended Footboard brings great features and easy adjustability. One key difference is the 1" extension of the footboard. This model has a Tri-Pivot toe clamp system, an EZ Adjust cam, and a non-slip rubber grip base plate.

    The EZ adjust cam makes it super easy to switch between turbo drive and accelerator. You also have the option to swap out the chain drive with a nylon strap, which comes with the product.

    Other features like the free-floating rotor-drive system and rotating swivel spring make it easy to customize this model to your exact preferences, so you can have the most seamless drumming experience. The 9000 series uses world-class hardware like memory looks on the tube joints and the base assembly, large reset handles, secondary tilter locks, cymbal space adjusters, and more.

    This model is perfect for hobbyists who want to improve their drumming and for experts who want a piece of equipment that can keep up with them. Thanks to the friction-reducing bearings, players get a smooth and comfortable playing experience. This model by DW is made to be powerful, customizable, and well-fitted.


    • Double kick pedal
    • Aircraft-grade aluminum
    • EZ Infinite adjustable cam
    • Switch from accelerator to turbo drive
    • Chain drive or included nylon strap
    • Tri-pivot toe clamp
    • Free-floating rotor-drive system
    • Non-Sleep rubber grip base plate

    The DW 9000 Extended Footboard double bass drum pedal is an excellent upgrade from the original DW 9000 because of the longer footboard. Because of features like the tri-pivot toe clamp system and the Ez Adjust cam, this model gives users a desirable amount of adjustability. If you're into customizability and comfort above all else, give this model a try.


    2 DW Pedals: Machined Chain Drive Double Pedal: Best for Experienced Drummers

    DW Pedals: Machined Chain Drive Double Pedal: Best for Experienced Drummers

    • Stability
    • Perfect stroke
    • Durability


    • High price

    DW has over 30 years of experience making some of the most sought after drums, stands, pedals, and other types of drum equipment. Their double bass pedals are no different.

    Few pedals are as aesthetically pleasing and well-engineered at the DW Machine Chain Drive Double Pedal. This model is made with boutique-style features and the same build-quality as its direct drive cousin. Although the price is high, you get an incredible response and silent speed with this product.

    Some drummers prefer the response and feel of a chain drive pedal. This model boasts durability, adjustability, and speed. Few models are a better choice for your drum set.


    • Made from solid aluminum
    • Sprocket-less drive cam with shift lever for switching between cam settings
    • Perforated footboard with contoured heel plate
    • Interlocking Delta hinge
    • Tri-Pivot Swivel Toe Clamp
    • V.E.R.T Vertical Spring Adjustment
    • Control beater
    • Floating Rotor Drive System
    • Includes carrying case.

    While this model's price point is high, you get a lot of desirable features if you decide to purchase it. Thanks to the solid aluminum boat, you get a classic look and a smooth feel, The sprocket-less drive cam with a shift lever makes it super easy to switch between cam settings, and the V.E.R.T Vertical Spring Adjustment makes it so you can fine-tune any actions.

    Overall, this model is a great choice for drummers who want a high-performance double bass pedal that looks and feels great.


    3 Tama Dyna-Sync Double Pedal: Best for Customizable Features

    Tama Dyna-Sync Double Pedal: Best for Customizable Features

    • Lower chance of false doubles
    • Customizability
    • High-speed


    • Some users say that there aren't enough features for the price point

    The TAMA Dyna-Sync Double Pedal was created in collaboration with different TAMA artists, including swing players and metal drummers. Because of Tama's threefold Dynamic Synchronization System, this pedal brings precision, power, and comfort.

    The angle-aligned Optimized Transmission Design creates a smooth response and makes for extreme power and swiftness. The Dual Linkage design connects the footboards and cam at four different points. This means you won't waste any motion.

    Non-stepped Slidable Cams makes for a customizable drumming experience in each of your feet. Because of the Conical Dyna Beaters, the chances of unwanted double strokes are reduced. This is because the beaters impact the batter head evenly.


    • Threefold Dynamic Synchronization system
    • Angled-aligned Optimized Transmission design
    • Dual Linkage cam connections
    • Non-stepped slidable cams
    • Para-Clamp II Pro hoop clamp
    • Cobra-series mainstays
    • Motion-maximizing swivel adjustment spring
    • Oiles bearing hinge
    • Adjustable footboard
    • Conical Dyna-Beaters

    This is another model that offers a lot of customizable features, making it ideal for drummers who want a personalized feel. Opt for this model if you are looking for smooth responses, speed, and less wasted motion.


    4 Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal: Best for Speed

    Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal: Best for Speed

    • Many features that help players achieve maximum speed
    • Smoother motion thanks to footboard positions
    • No wobbling
    • Fair price


    • Durability issues

    There aren't many pedals that rose to popularity as quickly as the Tama Speed Cobra 910 Twin Pedal. It used to be that you couldn't get both speed and power in a pedal, but Tama changed everything with this product.

    Made for serious drumming enthusiasts, this model has a footboard with an extra-long surface for maximum output with minimal effort. The stability of this model is due to the Super Stabilizer design that uses a wider baseplate and frame. There is a 3-piece Hinge Guard Block at each pedal's heel to make for a more durable hinge point and improved control and speed.

    One of the most notable features of this model is the recessed setting feature that positions the top of each footboard away from the cams. It's this that gives the pedals their smooth motion. The LiteSprocket Rolling Glide symmetrical cam uses a double-chain. Coupled with the longer footboard, players get improved power and speed.

    Wobbling isn't a problem with this product because of the Quick-Hook spring attachment. Thanks to the Swivel Spring Tight Tension locking mechanism, players can enjoy free spring movement and a smooth feel while playing.


    • Wide baseplate
    • Para Clamp II Pro
    • 3-piece hinge construction & hinge guard block
    • Fast Foot pedalboard
    • Recessed setting
    • Fastball Bearing
    • Round LiteSprocket
    • Super Spring
    • Cobra Coil
    • Vari-Pitch

    For the low price, these pedals are a dream. They can elevate any drummer's game because of the features that maximize speed and precision. If you're looking for an affordable double bass pedal that is easy-to-use and powerful, this model is for you.


    5 Yamaha DFP-9D Direct Drive Double With Case: Best for those on a Budget

    Yamaha DFP-9D Direct Drive Double With Case: Best for those on a Budget

    • No secondary pedal lag
    • Stabilizing features
    • Comes with case
    • Simple drum key adjustments
    • Trustworthy brand


    • N/A

    Yamaha is a brand that doesn't need any introduction. This pedal is designed with the spirit of Yamaha racing, creating fast motions and allowing for easy adjustability. The easy-access auto-lock spring adjustment makes for instant player feedback. The swivel spring mounting allows even tension through the entire range of pedal movements.

    Customizability is not in short supply with this model thanks to the calm and direct drive adjustments. To maximize energy output, this pedal uses a ball bearing drive connection. To reduce bass drum and pedal movement, this product comes with stabilizing and anti-skid heel spikes.

    The Yamaha DFP-9D is a straightforward and powerful bass pedal with easy adjustability and many powerful features.


    • Auto-lock spring adjustment
    • Swivel spring mounting
    • Ball-bearing drive connection
    • All-bearing universal joints
    • Secondary pedal anchor
    • Stabilizing and anti-skid heel spikes
    • Axle-stabilizing bearing chamber with focused beater momentum
    • Heavy-duty casing with subframe
    • Weight-adjustable beater
    • Side-access hoop clamp
    • Racing-inspired semi-hard case

    If you're the type that only wants tried and true equipment, this is the model for you. Yamaha is a reliable and well-known brand that creates incredible equipment. This double bass pedal is no different. Aside from adjustability features, this model reduces lost energy which makes for a superior feel.


    6 Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive: Best Overall Option

    Yamaha DFP-9C Chain Drive: Best Overall Option

    • Durability
    • Reduced pedal and bass drum movement
    • Minimal lag


    • Requires regular maintenance

    The DFP-9C Chain Drive Double Bass Pedal is another product by Yamaha that delivers when it comes to power and feel. This product has many of the same features as the 9D model, but it is a chain drive pedal instead of a direct drive.

    Chain drives are very durable, but they do not compromise on adjustability. Because they operate using a chain, they are less likely to stretch or snap. Overall, they offer a nice balance of features, but they do require regular maintenance.

    The DFP-9C uses a heavy-duty frame and ball bearing placement to maximize focused stroke energy and produce the best sound output. Its innovative design makes for fluid pedal movements, reduced drag/resistance, and high performance.


    • Auto-lock spring adjustment
    • Swivel spring mounting
    • Direct drive adjustments
    • Ball bearing drive connection
    • All-bearing universal joints
    • Secondary pedal anchor
    • Stabilizing and anti-skid heel spikes
    • Axle-stabilizing bearing chamber
    • Heavy-duty casing
    • Weight-adjustable beater
    • Side-access hoop clamp
    • Semi-hard case

    Like the DFP-9D, this model comes with Yamaha's promise of high-quality products with desirable features. Choose this model if you want a double bass pedal that is more durable than its direct drive counterpart, but doesn't compromise on power or feel.


    Buyers Guide

    Before purchasing a pair of double bass pedals, you'll want to understand the features of double bass pedals and consider what you want out of it. There are many company's that create excellent products, so it can be challenging to decide what you want.

    Each type of pedal has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here are some features to look for as you begin your search for the perfect double bass pedal:

    Drive Type

    You have the option to choose between a chain drive, belt drive, and direct drive. Each type has some unique characteristics that are worth distinguishing between.

    Chain drive: Chain drive pedals do have a slower response time, but not by much. This type of pedal is durable, adjustable, and usually has a good range of features. However, they are a bit noisy and do have to be cleaned regularly.
    Belt drive: Belt drive pedals are sought after because of their speed. They are also easy to transport because of how lightweight they are. However, they aren't as durable as other types and they have a bit more lag.
    Direct drive: Direct drive pedals are great because they don't have any lag. Not only are they ultra-durable, but they require little to no maintenance. Unfortunately, direct drive pedals aren't as durable.

    Balance and Adjustability

    Balance is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a pedal. You have to make sure that the left and right pedals are even on the model you choose.

    In some cases, you may notice that one of the pedals is looser than the other. If this is the case, one of your feet will be working harder than the other. Some models allow you to adjust the spring tension for each foot.

    Adjustability is another important factor to consider. Good pedals should allow you to adjust them as much as possible. Make sure you have the ability to adjust the spring tension, the beater height, and the distance between the pedals.

    Overall, the pedals have to feel right for you. Your comfort is the most important thing, so give every product that you try a test drive before you commit to the purchase. For example, if you purchase a pedal with heavy beaters, you'll have to exert more energy.



    What to consider when buying double pedals?

    When on the hunt for double pedals you want to keep a few things in mind. First, consider the adjustability of the pedals. A quality option will allow you to adjust any part of the bass drum that feels uncomfortable for you.

    You also want to consider accessories and add-ons that are included. These can include drum keys, heel raisers, toe stops, interchangeable drive systems, and carrying cases. Lastly, set a price limit for how much you're willing to spend. You can spend anywhere from $150 to $1000.

    How do I know I'm ready to buy double pedals?

    It's never too early to invest in double pedals. When you feel like you're playing quickly with one foot, look into some double pedals.

    How much should I expect to spend?

    Double pedals range in price. You can expect to pay as little as $150 and as much as $1000.

    Do I need a double bass pedal?

    You don't need a double bass pedal, but they are great to have because they give you an increase in power and allow you to play complex kick drum patterns. In a standard 5-piece arrangement, one foot is used to open and close the hi-hat. If you free up this foot and use it to play another kick part, you can play much more swiftly.

    Who uses double bass pedals?

    Double bass pedals are used by drummers at all experience levels. Players of the rock genre make up the biggest chunk of double bass pedal users. Certain styles of metal use extreme drumming, which is why the double bass pedal comes in handy.

    What are the drawbacks of double bass pedals?

    With double kick pedals, low frequencies of air take a bit more time to move. This can lead to a muddled sound. Drummers who use this type of pedal tune kick drums to high pitches and use skins to enhance their drum's attack.


    Bottom Line

    Choosing a bass drum pedal can be difficult since there are so many available options. Your first step is to decide whether you want a direct drive, belt drive, or chain drive. All three have similarities and differences, and it's up to you to decide whether you want to prioritize durability or feel.

    All of the models we reviewed are customizable, powerful, and comfortable to use. Consider factors like your price range and desired feel before you make a final decision.

    Ultimately, the double bass pedal that you choose has to feel right for you. Few things are as personal as a drum pedal, so make sure you try various options before you pick. The one that you choose should have adjustability features that allow you to make it your own.

    Whatever you choose, our team at Drum Center of Portsmouth is committed to ensuring you have an excellent customer service experience. We carry the finest products at the best prices.

    If you'd like to contact us to learn more about any of the products mentioned in this guide, click here.

  • 7 Best Hi-Hats for 2020

    At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we understand the significance hi-hat cymbals have for drummers. Hi-hats can either make or break your drum set, which is why it's so important to choose wisely. Low-quality cymbals will give you a mismatched sound preventing you from reaching your fullest potential as a drummer.

    Start the new year off right by investing in a pair of hi-hat cymbals that best suits your needs according to your music genre and your techniques. With the many options on the market, it can be difficult to find the right cymbals for you. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, our drum experts will walk you through the top hi-hats for 2020 followed by a thorough buyers guide.

    Our Best Rated Product

    The Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals 14" is our best-rated product at the Drum Center of Portsmouth. We recommend this pair because these cymbals are versatile for any situation. Whether you perform live, record, or practice at home, you'll love the expressive sound these cymbals produce. Their responsiveness and dark tones make them the perfect hi hats for a drummer at any skill level.

    Here are 2020's top 7 hi-hat options for you:

    1 Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials Hi Hat Cymbals 15": Best Hi-Hats for Versatility

    Paiste Formula 602 Modern Essentials Hi Hat Cymbals 15: Best Hi-Hats for Versatility

    • Appropriate for every skill level
    • Fits into any genre of music
    • Consistent, responsive feeling
    • Medium top with a medium-heavy bottom for easy control


    • Not very loud, not ideal for metal drummers

    These Paiste Cymbals are truly modern, creating a versatile, well-controlled sound. Its 15" diameter is just right for fitting into a wide variety of genres. The pair is pretty standard in terms of its design, making it accessible for any skill level.

    What makes it so versatile today is its return to 602 alloy formulation that's used in traditional cymbals. Its material makes it easy to play and to mix in a studio setting. Depending on the way you mic them, you won't need to adjust your compression or EQ at all.


    • Size: 15"
    • Finish: Regular/Traditional
    • Alloy: B20 Bronze

    If you're the type of drummer who plays many different styles, these are the hi hats for you. At DCP, we love and recommend this pair because of their bright, warm sound.

    You can buy this part of the Paiste Formula 602 series from our website. Contact us today with any questions you may have about these or any of our wide stock of drums and accessories.


    2 Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals 14": Best Hi Hats for Recording

    Paiste Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals 14: Best Hi Hats for Recording

    • Ideal for recording
    • Have a loud, clear "chick" sound upon closing
    • Articulate, responsive, and versatile
    • The ability for fine-tuning for high tech microphone and speaker equipment


    • Inexperienced drummers may not know how to use them to their full potential.

    The Paiste brand has another stand out pair we would like to feature. These Signature Dark Crisp Hi Hats are ideal for musicians who often record or perform live with high-quality equipment because of their crisp, smooth sound.

    These cymbals are versatile among genres. They're responsive enough for soft bristles and sturdy enough for heavy metal thrashing. If you're experimenting in the studio, these hi-hats act as the perfect control.


    • Size: 14"
    • Finish: Regular/Traditional
    • Alloy: Proprietary Signature Bronze

    Paiste Signature Dark Crisp 14" Hi Hats truly live up to their name. Open or closed, you can expect a crisp, smooth sound perfect for recording or performing live. This all-rounder sits high on our list of favourites due to its professional sound.

    You can purchase them online through the Drum Center of Portsmouth website. Contact us today for more information on more of the best cymbals from Paiste and other professional-grade brands.


    3 Zildjian A Avedis Hi Hat Cymbals 14": Best Vintage Hi Hats

    Zildjian A Avedis Hi Hat Cymbals 14: Best Vintage Hi Hats

    • They have an immensely musical sound
    • Prominent "chick" sound due to bottom is heavier than the top cymbal
    • Controlled response
    • Easily labelling on each cymbal to tell you their weight


    • This specific style can turn off a section of players- vintage style is a preference.

    We give the Zildjian A Avedis Hi Hat Cymbals the title of "best vintage hi hats" because they look and sound like they came from the 1950s. It's a sound that reminds us of rockabilly and big band drumming, all in one.

    We would be remiss not to include this classic style pair on our list for the new year. The "old" is back in style these days, and this trend is said to continue for some time. We love the nostalgic feel these cymbals give us when we play!


    • Size: 14"
    • Finish: Vintage Patina
    • Alloy: B20 Cast Bronze

    These Zildjian cymbals are a stunning recreation of the percussion of the 1950s. No matter what style you play, you can count on these to give you a bright, vintage feeling.

    If you're looking for that unique vintage vibe to your drum set, you can buy these today from our online store. Call us today to learn more about these cymbals or ask about any of the rest of our extensive stock!


    4 Zildjian K Sweet Hi Hat Pair 14": Best Hi Hats for Value

    Zildjian K Sweet Hi Hat Pair 14: Best Hi Hats for Value

    • Best value on the Drum Center of Portsmouth website
    • 14" variety is easier to handle than its larger counterparts
    • Mismatched cymbal weights for complex tonality
    • Higher pitched top stands out against the rest of your set


    • The only con is that you may not like the tone of these hi hats according to your preferences. However, they are a highly likeable brand and sound

    These hi hats are the cheapest we have featured here, just in time for an affordable holiday treat. This pair is characterized by a dark, sweet tone with a heavy "chick" sound. The 14" variety of this design was developed this year and is sure to carry on for many years to come.

    Each bell on the K Sweet Hi Hats are unlathed, and each bottom cymbal is heavier than the top. This gives the top one a high pitched tone, and the bottom a lower-pitched tone to add to the sound's complexity.


    • Size: 14"
    • Finish: Regular/Traditional
    • Alloy: B20 Bronze

    Not only do these cymbals sound amazing, but they also allow you to get the best bang for your buck. If your a drummer who prefers dark, sweet tones in a hi hat, look no further than this pair. We love the cymbals' distinguished design, which creates its impeccable sound.

    You can buy the Zildjian K Sweet 14" Pair through our online shop at Drum Center of Portsmouth. We aim to give you the best deals on each cymbal our expert drummers recommend. Contact us today with any questions about our huge online store!


    5 Sabian HHX Complex Medium Hi Hat Cymbals 15": Best Fat High Hats

    Sabian HHX Complex Medium Hi Hat Cymbals 15: Best Fat High Hats

    • Versatile in genre
    • Able to play at any volume
    • Rich, dark tone
    • Extra weight makes the material sturdier


    • A true "dark" sounding pair- not ideal for those who want a bright, high-pitched sound

    The Sabian HHX Complex Medium Hi Hats are the cymbals with the fattest tone on our list. This pair features a medium weight top and a heavy bottom, to create that "fat," dark sound. Its hand-hammered cymbal gives it that quality as well.

    If you prefer a big, meaty sound, you'll love these cymbals. The raw bell gives it an edge, unlike any other on this list. These are hi hats that will give you a solid, responsive experience all around.


    • Size: 15"
    • Finish: Regular/Traditional
    • Alloy: Bronze

    These are the heaviest hi hats on our list, and they're the best of the best of our stock at the Drum Center of Portsmouth. A heavy bottom and a medium top is the perfect combination for a powerful addition to your set. Trying out a darker tone may help you consider sounds you hadn't considered before!

    We believe these cymbals will be an excellent addition to any drum set. Order these hi hats online through the Drum Center of Portsmouth's website. You may also contact us about any other item in our vast stock.


    6 Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Hat Cymbals 14": Best Hi Hats for Individuality

    Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Hat Cymbals 14: Best Hi Hats for Individuality

    • Unique, vintage design and sound
    • Can play both soft and medium-loud notes
    • Medium length decay
    • Dry tone with a prominent wash


    • Expensive to manufacture
    • Not for heavy-hitting drummers

    Each pair of these Meinl Byzance cymbals are sandblasted and employ various hammering techniques. The most noticeable detail about these hi hats is that the top cymbal is much smaller and lighter than the bottom one.

    That quality is what gives them the quality they are best known for- their dry sound. They have a gritty quality to their wash that makes it stand out from other hi hats. Though they are unique, they fit in just about every music genre.


    • Size: 14"
    • Finish: Sandblasted
    • Material: B20 Bronze

    These hi hats are perfect for any drummer who loves a unique sound. You can't seem to go wrong with these unless you happen to break hi hats while you drum regularly. Otherwise, you can use a pair of these for just about anything.

    You can buy the Meinl Byzance Vintage Sand Hat Cymbals today through the Drum Center of Portsmouth website. Call us with any questions, concerns, or to learn more about a product.


    7 Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Hi Hat Cymbals 14": Best Hi Hats for Jazz Music

    Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Hi Hat Cymbals 14: Best Hi Hats for Jazz Music

    • Manufactured from the experienced Istanbul Agop company
    • Responsiveness makes them perfect for a studio setting
    • Unique sound lends itself to jazz music
    • Good for beginner and professional drummers


    • Not ideal for rock drummers, or those who require a louder sound
    • Only limited amounts were made!

    These cymbals were released for Istanbul Agop's 30th anniversary. As such, they are modelled after vintage cymbals made in old Zildjian factories. The company founder, Agop Tomurcuk, worked at this factory, and the design inspired him.

    These hi-hats are incredibly thin, making their sound crisp, clear, and bright. The vintage style makes them appealing to both experienced and inexperienced drummers. Closed notes have a deep tone. Opening the hi-hats creates a distinct and beautiful wash of sound. However you play them, they are responsive with a quick decay.


    • Size: 14"
    • Finish: Regular/Traditional
    • Alloy: B20 Bronze

    The Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary Hi Hats are perfect for anyone who loves vintage sounds as we do. Adding some brightness to your set with a pair of these will give you that perfect, crystal clear sound.

    You can purchase these cymbals online at the Drum Center of Portsmouth today. We are one of the top Istanbul Agop dealers in the country. We're here to give you professional advice and service with your satisfaction guaranteed!


    What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Hi-Hats

    Choosing to spend money on your next set of hi hats can seem like an impossible task. With all the brands, styles, and sounds out there, how can you tell which cymbals are the best ones?

    Luckily, the Drum Center of Portsmouth has got you covered. We have the best reviews and guides to choosing the best hi hats to complete your drum set. Here are frequently asked questions about hi hat cymbals.

    How do I know I'm ready for new hi-hats?

    Buying new cymbals of any kind is an important decision for any drummer to make. Investing in a pair of new hi hats can help you accumulate a professional drum set with high-quality instruments.

    The longer you play the drums, the more your ears become refined. You may prefer the louder, darker "chick" of large hi hats, or you may find you prefer certain ones from a specific brand. The decision to buy is entirely up to you, but if you need a new sound, new hi hats are just the thing to reinvigorate it.

    How much can I expect to spend?

    On this list, we tried to keep each pair of hi hats in the $450-600 range. We currently have sales on each item on our product reviews as well. You can find any of these cymbals used online, but you can't guarantee they're from as trustworthy a seller as the Drum Center of Portsmouth. We want to give you professional-grade items for a great price.

    Drum Center of Portsmouth allows you to buy your hi hats outright, or sign up for a payment plan. You will be able to pay off your full balance in 3, 6, or 12 months. Checking for your eligibility does not affect your credit score, and it is free to see whether or not you qualify for a payment plan.

    What size cymbals should I buy?

    The size of any of your cymbals in your set will affect the tone and pitch of your instrument. Smaller hi hats, from 12" to 14" have a bright sound with a high pitch. Bigger than 14", and you're stepping into a darker tone territory.

    It is possible to mix and match the top and bottom cymbals for your pair. However, this technique is recommended for experts and people with multiple sets of hi hats. If you're looking for your first professional set, mixing sizes is not necessary.

    What type of metal should I look for?

    Cymbals are most often crafted from three different metal alloys: brass, B8 bronze, and B20 bronze. Brass is the least expensive metal alloy on the list, but it produces the worst sound. B8 cymbals are mid-priced, and mid-quality, as they are better than brass but worse than B20.

    B20 is the type of metal alloy you should look out for when selecting new hi hats or any kind of cymbal. It's the most popular alloy despite its price because these produce the best sound. You may also buy a B8 and B20 metal alloy blend depending on your preferences and budget.

    Which brands should I consider?

    Considering the top brands like Meinl, Paiste, Zildjian, and Sabian is the best bet for getting the most professional-grade hi hats. Going with an off-brand cymbal can lead to bad sounds and easy breakage. Always research the brand and materials they use before you buy!

    At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we only sell the top name brand cymbals. You'll be sure to recognise these names while browsing our online store. We have deals throughout the year so you won't have to pay full price.

    In Conclusion

    With some research from credible sources like the Drum Center of Portsmouth, you can make the right call on new cymbals. Always look for the highest quality brands that have the sound you're looking for. If you're a rock musician, trashier cymbals may be the best choice. If you love jazz, a unique sounding, vintage cymbal may be the best bet. Always consider your own unique needs!

    We want to help you find your new favourite cymbals through our website at the Drum Center of Portsmouth. Order new hi hats for 2020 at our website, or contact us today to ask about any of our products. Our experts are dedicated to helping you become the best percussionist you can be!

  • Noble & Cooley CD Maple vs. Horizon Series Drum Set Shootout

    In our latest shootout video, we compared two very attractive Noble and Cooley Kits head to head - CD Maples vs. Horizon Series.
  • The Best Electronic Drum Set Under $500 Reviewed for 2020 - Ultimate Guide

    Cutting corners when buying musical equipment can come back to haunt you once you begin recording and taking things more seriously. Do you want to produce the highest quality percussion music for under $500? Read on for our full review of our favorite electronic drum set of the year - the Yamaha DTX402K.

    What to Consider When Buying Electronic Drum Sets


    • Great for beginners
    • Easily connectable to multiple audio outputs
    • A large array of sounds
    • Free training videos and apps
    • Improved pads for realistic play
    • Easy setup


    • Basic drum set
    • Additional app download

    With so many affordable drum kits available, the most important part of researching which kit to buy on a budget is to ensure you are getting the highest quality for your money. You want to look for quality of the set, as well as how many capabilities it will provide you with when recording your own music.

    When considering the best electronic drum set under $500 the only option should be the Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit. Buying this kit will leave you with any possible combination of drums and prerecorded sounds to elevate your musical experience. With the ability to improve using recordings and training modules, this drum set is great for learning the basics of drumming and percussion. In addition to its use for beginners, this drum set has such a variety of percussion sounds to choose from that it can be great for an advanced musician attempting to have more creative freedom with how they create and record.

    Product specs:

    • Built-in training modules
    • iOS and Android apps
    • 415 drum and percussion sounds
    • 10 included songs
    • 10 drum kits
    • 10 unique training functions
    • USB ports for audio

    Product Description and Review

    The DTX402K electronic drum set is the perfect kit for any beginner. Whether you want to add new ways to improve your drumming, or if you are a complete beginner and want to get off on the right foot, this product has what you need. With over 400 unique percussion sounds, there's no end to what you can learn and create.

    The training functionality on this drum kit is unmatched. With 10 built-in training functions, there are a multitude of ways you can learn to drum. The recording function alone gives you full capability to listen back to what you have just played and improve on yourself. This, in addition to functions like Pad Gate, Rhythm Gate, and Fast Blast, shows this kit is built to give people the opportunity to learn their way.

    In addition to the training functions that come with the drums, the DTX402 has free to download apps that can accompany the training. With apps for both Android and Apple devices, the accessibility of the app is what's important. Once downloaded, there are a number of ways this app can help improve your drumming skills. Having a large selection of genres of music, you can start to develop rhythm and pacing for your future jam sessions.

    One of the key features that makes this set great for anyone starting to learn is that its electronic pads dampen the sound of any practice. This makes it practical for any living situation. Have no fear when practicing early in the morning or late into the night: this kit will keep you allow you to drum to your hearts desire without disrupting the people around you.

    Another feature that sets this kit apart is its ability to be connected to any number of audio devices. With a host port that can transmits audio and MIDI information to multiple devices. This is perfect if you want to edit your music on the computer or just download all your recordings to your tablet, laptop, or phone.

    The final reason this electronic drum set in particular is a unique product is its sizable collection of different percussion sounds available to the user. With 415 different sounds to choose from and 10 different drum kits, this product is one of the easiest drum sets to customization. Giving the preference to the user and allowing them to easily access all the capabilities.

    Who's it for?

    • Beginners
    • Urban musicians
    • Unique artists


    Is This The Best Deal?

    The Yamaha DTX402K is the best electronic drum set under $500. Considering it has a compact build while still maintaining a high quality of material, this drum set is a great deal. Although you can not put a cost on improving your musical ability, for under $500, this product will be a great purchase for anyone looking to upgrade.

    You can purchase your Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Set at Drum Center for only $499.99.


    Why We Love It

    One of the reasons we love this set is because it is the perfect fit for any and all beginners. While there are many kinds of starter kits for learning to drum, this one consistently proves itself to be the best on the market. This electronic set provides so many options depending on how you wait to train. In any situation or at any skill level, the DTX402 will give a comfortable and easy to use experience.



    How much does the set weigh?

    The product only weighs 25 pounds.


    Does this set include kick towers?

    No, this set only includes the pedal.


    What are the best headphones to use with this kit?

    This kit works best with any headphone with a USB connection. In addition to this, you can purchase an adapter to make the set compatible with any headphones you already have.


    How hard can I hit the pads?

    The DTX402 is designed to be sturdy and durable. These newly designed rubber and silicone drum pads will take a beating and remain in place.


    Bottom Line

    This drum set will change how you practice and play. Staying quite enough to perfect your drumming at any hour of the day as well as providing you with an endless supply of musical combinations, this deal can not be beat. If you want the highest quality electric drum set for under $500, the Yamaha DTX402 is your one.

  • 5 Best Cajon Drums for 2020

    Choosing the appropriate cajon for you can be difficult with the wide range of options available out there. Here at Drum Center of Portsmouth, we live, breathe, and love drums and our staff have over 200 years of combined experience in the field. Our ultimate goal is to pair you with an instrument that plays well and that you can treasure forever.

    That's why the experts here have compiled a list of the 5 best cajon drums of 2020, along with a guide to help potential cajon buyers learn what they should look out for when browsing. Read on to find out which ones we chose!



    1 Pearl Sonic Boom


    • Angled front plate for comfortable playing
    • Solid birch construction feels sturdy
    • Earthy tone due to lack of snares


    • Birch is heavy (but produces good tone)
    • Expensive

    The Pearl Sonic Boom features light-colored, responsive wood and simple but elegant construction that will compliment and enhance any environment or venue you play it in.

    Product specs:

    • Constructed with solid birch
    • Front facing bass scoop
    • Angled faceplate
    • Subsonic bass tone
    • No internal snares

    Why We Love It: This drum is aesthetically beautiful with its solid birch construction and pleasing shape. It's front plate is angled upward, so the drummer can play easily and comfortably. The drum features no internal snares, which gives it a clear, natural, and earthy tone. It's perfect for small acoustic settings, or large venues where louder is better. It's a pricey drum, but that only speaks to its high quality and manufacturing. It's a beautiful drum and it comes highly recommended.

    Call to inquire about getting yours today!

    2 LP Aspire Accent Cajon Sunburst


    • Beautiful paint finish
    • Wide dynamic range
    • Convenient and comfortable seating surface
    • Rubber feet
    • Reasonable price


    • Poplar is a relatively cheap wood
    • Birch is heavy (but produces good tone)

    The LP Aspire Accent Sunburst has deep brown edges that gradually fade to a light wood-grain on each maple panel. With a wide dynamic range and rubber feet, this drum gets you some bang for your buck.

    Product specs:

    • 3 sets of DW snare wires
    • Birch/Poplar body
    • Para wood soundboard
    • Textured seating surface
    • Rounded corners
    • 3-step streak finishing

    Why We Love It: The LP Aspire Accent Sunburst is a real beauty. From its edges that fade from a deep brown to a light wood-grain, its 3-step streak finish perfectly complements the name. The 3 sets of DW snare wires give you a vast dynamic range, and the body provides a deep bass tone. The feet are rubber, which allows the unit to be sturdy while insulating bass from disappearing into the floor. The comfortable textured seating allows the player to be comfortable with access to all necessary areas of the drum. This cajon is beautifully made with a perfectly doable price.

    Call to inquire about getting yours today!

    3 Gon Bops Cajons: Tumbao Pro Cajon Walnut with Gig Bag


    • Great sound, due to internal snare wire design
    • Beautiful and easy on the eyes
    • Comes with gig bag


    • No leg seat slots for comfort

    The Tumbao Walnut Pro Cajon looks sleek and classy, and provides high-end pop without compromising on low-end response. It's a great price for good quality and extra features!

    Product specs:

    • Front Panel Material: Maple
    • Adjustable? Yes
    • Extras: Premium Gig Bag
    • Size: 12"(w) x 18"(h) x 12"
    • Weight: 10lbs (4.5kg)

    Why We Love It: This drum features a beautiful and lustrous adjustable maple front panel, which is both functional and easy on the eyes. It also features an internal snare wire design which contributes to its great high-end to low-end sound for versatility. The unit is held up by rubber feet, which provide a sturdy base for sitting. The rubber feet also serve as a means of insulation, preventing the bass from escaping through the bottom of the unit and getting lost in the floor. The price is a good middle ground for cajon drums, but comparatively low for drums of this caliber. Overall a great choice for those looking for a high-end drum at a middle-of-the-road price.

    Call to inquire about getting yours today!

    4 Keo Percussion Luxury Cajon


    • Ball Bearing snare system allows for separation of playing zones
    • Sitting area is made of comfortable material and has notches for legs


    • Not many technical details (weight, materials, etc) available online
    • Looks slightly cheap

    Constructed using select tone woods and high sensitivity, the Keo Percussion Luxury Cajon is percussion perfection. With its comfortable seating and rich sound, it's bound to catch your eye (and ear).

    Product specs:

    • Constructed using select tone woods
    • Ball Bearing snare system
    • Multiple types of wood paneling

    Why We Love It: This drum features panels made of select tone woods that emphasize and amplify sound. It has a seat that has convenient slots for legs, so the drummer can sit comfortably, It's unique ball bearing snare system allows for great separation of playing zones and increased sensitivity. Unfortunately it's slightly more expensive than other items on this list while not looking as sleek or lustrous, but it's still a great buy for the value.

    Call to inquire about getting yours today!

    5 Rhythm Tech Cajon - Enhanced Bass Port


    • Nice color
    • Finely crafted edges
    • Bass port for thunderous bass
    • Rubber feet for strength and bass insulation
    • Good, budget-friendly price


    • Not much information on product specs online
    • Looks slightly cheap

    The Rhythm Tech Cajon with enhanced bass port is a less expensive but still beautiful cajon drum. It has finely crafted edges for comfort and a thunderous bass response, perfect for any venue.

    Product specs:

    • Enhanced bass port
    • Big low end

    This cajon by Rhythm Tech can fit in with any venue. Its got a new enhanced bass port for a booming bass, and its deep brown wood provides a beautiful deep sound. The feet are insulated with rubber so bass doesn't escape through the floor. Overall it's a great drum for those looking for a budget-friendly option. There aren't too many technical details (weight, materials, etc) available online, so make sure to call with any questions!

    Call to inquire about getting yours today!


    Buyers Guide - What to Consider When Buying a Cajon

    The cajon has quickly become one of the most popular hand drums out on the market. They're affordable, and they're easy and fun to play. If you're in the market for a new (or used) cajon, here are some things to look out for while browsing.

    Type of Cajon

    There are several kinds of cajon, so it's easy to get overwhelmed with the options. It's worth it to learn a little about a few different types so you may make an informed decision when purchasing one:

    • Peruvian cajon - The Peruvian cajon is the oldest (and original) type of cajon. It does not contain any snares or string effects, and produces a very clean and woody tone.


    • Flamenco cajon - This cajon produces a very "buzzy" sound produced by a guitar string mounted against the tapa (front face), heard in the lower and upper parts of the tapa.


    • Snare cajon - This type of cajon is typically fitted with a snare mechanism that creates a snare effect in the upper portion of the tapa. These tend to be quite rattly, and don't have as pure of a bass sound. There's a complete separation between snare and bass tone, and this cajon tends to be quite loud.


    • Cuban cajon - This cajon is designed to be held by the player, not sat on. It traditionally has no snares. This cajon produces a very woody sound.

    It's up to you which sound you desire and which type of cajon you'd like to play, but if you're a beginner, it's recommended to get a traditional cajon that has no snares, wires, or strings.



    The cajon may just look like a hollow box, and that's essentially what they started out as, but there's much to customize when it comes right down to it. Drum and wire attributes can be changed using levers on the outside of the box, and wires can even be disengaged if you'd like to use a pedal for a bass drum sound. You can often also adjust Allen screws at the bottom of the drum to adjust the pressure of the wires against the tapa, altering its sound. Models with this kind of adjustability will be pricier, but more versatile.

    Cajons without drums and snares can even be adjusted to sound a particular way. The tapa (front panel) is either affixed to the frame with screws or glue; if it's attached with screws, the screws can be loosened to allow the tapa's "slap corners" more room to move when hit. This can cause a tapping sound when the tapa slaps the frame, but if the screws are tight this cannot happen. Port placement also changes the sound of the drum, affecting volume and bass tone. Finally, some cajons purposely have multiple playing surfaces, some with different wood types on each side. Finding a cajon with a high level of adjustability and customizability is definitely something to look for.



    It's a given that the cajon should be big enough for you to sit on. Playing the cajon requires the player to sit on top and lean forward to strike it, so trying out a drum before buying is ideal. However, if buying online, check out the product specifications or call the shop to verify sizing.

    The size of the cajon affects the sound. Smaller models will have a higher-pitched bass sound, while larger models are louder and have lower-pitched bass. Beginner models will be smaller, while more advanced and high-end models will be more expensive. Try to find a good middle ground between size and price.



    The kind of materials the cajon is made of greatly affects the sound. Higher quality materials (hard woods) will produce richer, fuller, higher quality sounds. Lower quality materials (softwoods) will often sound muted or low quality. Cajons should be made from hardwoods, such as birch or beech. Birch is high density, has a broad dynamic range, and is relatively expensive. Beech produces a wide variety of tones and is similar to birch, but is less expensive. The highest quality cajons will be made of mahogany or mahogany-type hardwoods, which are strong in bass and high tones. For a budget-friendly option, stick with beech or birch. For those looking to invest, high-quality hardwoods are your best option.

    (Plastics, fiberglass, and carbon fibre can also be used, as they are strong and durable, but the sound isn't quite the same as a classic wood cajon.)



    The tapa (the face of the drum) gets the most attention from buyers than other parts. If a tapa looks cheap, it's unlikely that a prospective cajon buyer will even give it a second look, even if it produces the most rich and beautiful sounds. However, the most important aspect of a tapa is how it's made and how it plays. It should be between 3-4mm of several thin layers, for a more dense material. This type of tapa will produce crisp high tones.



    Got some questions about cajons? Look through this section for an answer.

    What exactly is a Cajon?

    The word "cajon" literally translates to "box" or "drawer" in Spanish. A cajon is an originally Peruvian box-shaped percussion instrument. It's played by slapping the front or rear faces with fingers, hands, brushes, mallets, or sticks. It's been said that 18th Century African slaves in Peru created the first Cajons, using repurposed packing boxes.


    What does the cajon sound like?

    The cajon has a loud and crisp sound. The two primary tones created by a cajon are bass and high tones. The bass tones are created by slapping the tapa (face) of the cajon near the middle/bottom. The high tones can be created by tapping the upper corners of the cajon, producing less vibration and a higher pitch. This type of sound is much like a snare drum.


    Do looks matter when it comes to cajons?

    Looks can be deceiving. The most beautiful cajons can produce the dampest, most muted sounds just as the most visually unpleasing cajon can produce rich, deep sounds. Further, the type of wood used can make two identical looking cajons sound different. Overall, looks don't matter as much as the functionality and specifications of the cajon. It's always important to test out a cajon before purchasing, or ask an expert before committing.


    Why is the cajon so popular?

    The cajon is portable, practical, and easy to learn. There are multiple ways to play it (seated or standing), dozens of sounds you can make from it, and integration into a band or group is simple. The basic cajon is about as uncomplicated as an instrument can be, and it can be modified and upgraded to suit any player by implementing snares or strings. It's a beautifully simple concept but it produces rich sounds that fit in with any set.


    How much should I expect to spend?

    The price depends on the quality of the cajon. Higher quality cajons will be pricier, as with almost any item on any market. Typically, low-end, beginner cajons can be as inexpensive as $50-100, and the highest-end cajons can be as expensive as $400 or more. If you're looking for a good quality entry-level cajon, look to be spending between $100-250.


    I've found a cajon I love. How do I know if it's right for me?

    Cajon drums, just as any other instrument, are an investment, and you should only buy one when it feels completely right to. Using this guide, you'll be able to find the perfect cajon. If the cajon feels right, has a sound that you love, looks great, ticks all the right boxes for you, and is the right price for your budget, then by all means buy it!



    The cajon is one of the most simple, but also one of the most elegant and versatile instruments out there. It can produce a variety of sounds all from one simple looking unit, and different designs can complement every aesthetic. Finding a cajon drum that's perfect for you can be difficult, but we hope that our reviews, buyers guide, and FAQ have helped you learn what to look for in a cajon, and potentially find one that suits your budget and needs.

    Remember that any questions you may have can be answered by our experts here at Drum Center of Portsmouth. Contact us today to find out more about cajon drums, or any of the other products we can provide for you!

  • 4 Best Electronic Drum Sets for Beginners Reviewed for 2020 - The Ultimate Guide

    Thinking about buying your first electronic drum kit? Maybe your kid's got a natural sense of rhythm. Or perhaps you've got your heart set on jamming with your buddies. The $6 million question is then: Which kit do you choose? There's no shortage of choice, as you've probably discovered just having a browse online.

    Thankfully, there's help at hand. At the Drum Center of Portsmouth, our specialist staff have 200 years of combined drumming experience, so we're here to help guide you through the maze. We've compiled the top four best electronic drum sets for beginners to make it easier for you. Ready to rock? Let's get started.

    1 Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums Electronic Drum Set - Best Starter Kit


    • Famous Roland quality and durability
    • Adjustable tension on double-mesh drum heads for quieter playing
    • Input for connecting your smartphone to play along to your fave tracks
    • 15 pre-loaded songs to accompany yourself
    • Record yourself playing to assess your technique
    • Competitive price for beginners, students, and returners


    • You may need Roland NE-10 Noise Eaters for extra noise damping

    The Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums Electronic Drum Set is the most popular worldwide, for good reason. They're durable, sound great, and have an awesome playing feel. What's more, this satisfying drumming experience comes in a compact kit that's simple to pick up and move.

    You'll find the Roland TD-1DMK includes several expressive drum kits that are all connected to Roland's double-mesh pad for snares and toms. The two layers of mesh material are there to give some 'realistic rebound' when the drum stick bounces on hitting the drum as if it were an acoustic drum kit.

    There's more good news. They're quiet to play, and if you add headphones, your neighbors will never know about your late-night jam sessions. If you're hungry to learn the craft, there are onboard coaching functions, and you can connect to Melodics training software, too. Coupled with an attractive price, there's nothing stopping you from picking up the sticks and having a go.

    Product specs:

    • Weight: 7 kg
    • Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums
    • Single kick pedal
    • Drum throne
    • Headphones
    • 5A Drumsticks
    • Double-mesh drum heads for snares and toms
    • 15 preset drum sets with authentic drum sounds
    • Built-in metronome with adjustable tempo
    • 10 on board coaching functions

    Why We Love It: The Roland TD-1DMK V-Drums Electronic Drum Set is accessibly priced, durable, well-built, and perfect for beginners or returners. It's easy to set up, move around, and intuitive to use. With functions like the onboard metronome and inbuilt coaching, developing your timing skills is fun. Plus, there are free drum lessons to help you develop a sense of rhythm. These are available through the Melodics for V-Drums application via Windows or Mac.

    Available for Online Purchase? Check them out on our online store, but these babies won't be around for long.

    2 Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit - Best Kit for Improvers


    • Perfect if you're moving from an acoustic to an electric drum kit
    • Very well made with new drum pads for accurate transfer of you playing to the drum module
    • Authentic drum sounds from the drum module
    • Silent kick unit for minimal sound while practicing
    • Inbuilt interactive training modules to help improve speed and rhythm
    • USB to Host port for sending audio and MIDI data to your laptop, phone, or tablet
    • Adjustable height for all ages and sizes
    • Easy to fold away and store


    • You will need a smart device, USB cable, and suitable adapter to access the free apps

    The Yamaha DTX402K Electronic Drum Kit samples cymbals and acoustic drums for the beginner drummer in your life who wants to improve their technique. There are also two app-based challenges available called "DTX402 Touch" and "Rec'n'Share" on Android and iOS. You can use these to record songs and rehearse material.

    Intuitive to play, the Yamaha DTX420K's components are durable, with a pleasingly high-quality sound. The kit includes 10 inbuilt training functions to improve your expressiveness as a drummer. Other features to look out for include the drum pads with a silent kick unit. Plus, if you like options, you'll love this. There are 415 drum and percussion sounds to play with, as well as 10 different drum kits covering a range of different styles, 10 songs, and 10 training functions.

    Available at an entry-level price but without any compromise on quality, this is a durable, reliable piece of kit that will have you upping your game through consistent use.

    Product specs:

    • Width: 269mm
    • Height: 147mm
    • Depth: 39mm
    • Weight: 0.5kg
    • 2 Cymbal Pads
    • 1 Hi-Hat Pad &Pedal
    • 3 Tom Pads
    • 1 Snare Pad
    • 1 Silent Kick Unit
    • 1 DTX402 Drum Module

    Why We Love It: Yamaha draws on their decades of experience to create a well-made electronic drum kit for beginners and intermediates alike. With 10 different training functions built into the drum module, you benefit from comprehensive support as you build up confidence and improve your technique.

    Available for Online Purchase? You can find them in our online store but hurry! These Yamaha favorites sell fast.

    3 Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Kit - Best Kit for Learning to Play

    Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Kit yamaha dtx

    • 10 inbuilt drum kits covering all musical styles
    • 287 drum and percussion and 128 keyboard sounds
    • Enhanced learning wit the voice guidance functions
    • Play from 30 to 300 bpm
    • Metronome range from 1/4 to 9/4
    • USB connector for your laptop
    • Headphones output to encourage quiet practice


    • You will need a smart device, USB cable and suitable adapter to access the free apps

    The Yamaha DTX452K Electronic Drum Kit is ideal if you want an invaluable way to learn how to play the drums at an affordable price. Its intuitive new learning system provides challenges and rewards as you improve your technique. With its new Touch app, learning becomes fun and part of an interactive game. You pass through various drumming stages until the final phase. On completion, you'll receive a certificate from Yamaha.

    There are 10 core drum kits to try, as well as 287 drum and percussion sounds, which you can mix to develop a signature style. Featuring everything you'd want in a contemporary drum kit, the Yamaha DTX452 has a three-zone snare pad, so you can play the different techniques you've just learned. Plus, it's built with the limitations of modern living in mind—quiet and space-efficient.

    For the price, you get a stool, 5A sticks, and HP-170 stereo headphones. All you need to do is get set up and start playing.

    Product specs:

    • Weight: 0.5kg
    • Width: 269mm
    • Height: 147mm
    • Depth: 39mm
    • Triple-zone snare, hi-hat, three tom drums, ride, crash, hi-hat pedal plus kick pedal with kick pad
    • Power Supply: PA-130 (or Yamaha recommended equivalent)
    • Power Consumption: 5W

    Why We Love It: The DTX module comes with 10 inbuilt training functions to improve your timing and skills. There's the Pad Gate Function ideal for beginners, the Fast Blast Function to measure your drum roll, and the Rhythm Gate Function for perfecting that sense of rhythm. Plus there's a recording function to assess your playing.

    There's also flexibility with where you can place the hi-hat and snare drum in the most comfortable position for you. Learning to play the drums has never been such fun.

    Available for Online Purchase? Check out our online store for deals and discount.

    4 Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set - Best for Established Players & Beginners

    Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set yamaha dtx

    • Sturdy build
    • Budget-friendly price
    • Ideal for beginners
    • Silicon snare pad for multiple sounds
    • 37 songs to play along to
    • Tidy set up with aux and headphone port on the front of the panel


    • Hi-hat is free-standing which could discourage realistic playing
    • Rubber tom pads

    The Yamaha DTX522K Electronic Drum Set is a solid mid-level set with exceptional sound quality that should match your budget. Compared to other Yamaha series, it offers extra flexibility and positioning options, such as being able to mount the snare on a ball joint, so you have a range of playing angles unheard of way back when.

    The five-piece drum kit features three cymbals, a bass drum, three toms, and a snare. The cymbal stands are stronger and will stay in place during performance. The snare is made from three-zone textured cellular silicone to produce a range of sounds depending on where you hit it. The cymbal pads are three-zoned, too, so you can perform multiple sounds that are module-based.

    To help get the creative juices flowing, the kit comes with 691 cymbal, drum and percussion samples, and presets. With 1 MB of flash memory, you can store customized presets and kits or import MIDI song files. As well as 50 factory kits, there are unique features. To build customized kits, you just mix different selections and match the sounds depending on your unique playing style. If you're a fan of EDM, these new presets are ideal for techno, drum and bass, and electro-pop.

    Product specs:

    • Width: 251 mm
    • Height: 130 mm
    • Depth: 48 mm
    • Weight: 610 g

    Why We Love It: The perfect solution for both experienced drummers and beginners alike, everything's provided to get you started on the instrument. You can import and download MIDI song tracks to which you can play along. Plus, each track features a metronomic click to improve your sense of timing. Beginner drummers will also appreciate the coaching function that monitors your tempo and delivers an immediate report on how well (or not) you're doing.

    For intermediate players, check out the Fast Blast function, which monitors your speed and accuracy, and then grades your progress. Remember to look at Rhythm Gate mode, which drops your playing if you deviate too far from the metronome. All in all, a very versatile and customizable kit for a competitive price.

    Available for Online Purchase? The Yamaha DTX522K are always in high demand—and no wonder! With our huge discounts, these electronic drums are a steal.

    What to Consider When Buying an Electronic Drum Kit

    Starting with your first electronic drum kit can be incredibly exciting—it puts you one step nearer to the dream of becoming a musician. But it's important to get the kit that's right for you, and there's a whole world of choice out there. Factor in the following, and you're well on your way to getting the best electronic drum kit for you:

    Space and Size

    If space is at a premium where you live, then the smaller footprint of an electronic drum kit is a definite bonus. They're easy to set up and dismantle after practice to save space in your home or studio. They're also simpler to carry around with you for practice and gigs.


    Refining Your True Sound

    An electronic drum kit will allow you to play hundreds of drum sounds, from birch kits and maple kits to metal kits and more. Plus, you can easily change musical genres and experiment with a variety of pre-loaded drum kits and sounds.

    There's also plenty of opportunities to hone your technique using the inbuilt metronome, or the option to play along with your favorite tracks or plug in an MP3. As your expertise and confidence grow, you can also customize your kit to develop as you do.


    Invest in the Best

    There's no doubt that an electronic drum kit is an investment, so it makes sense to buy the best kit that you can afford. You want a kit that's not just great to play and suits your requirements, but also has plenty of pre-loaded drum kits. That way, you can try out different sounds on your existing set-up without breaking the bank.


    Practice, Practice, Practice

    The beauty of an electronic drum kit is that once you've plugged in your headphones, you could be in the zone, practicing your fave Iron Maiden track for the twentieth time and no-one need know. Practice sessions are helped with various features of electronic kits, such as the inbuilt metronome, mix input to play along to your top tracks, and onboard rhythm coach to assess your playing.


    Try It Out

    It's classic advice, but if you're shelling out cash, you need to be sure you're making the right choice. So make sure you sit down in the shop and try it out. If it sounds and feels great, and encourages you to want to spend many hours practicing, then you're probably onto a winner.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Are the Prices of Electronic Drum Kits?

    They vary, from $499.99 at entry-level to $699.99 and $799.99 to over $4,000. As always, it depends on your budget and how much money you have available to spend.


    How Are Electronic Drum Kits Powered?

    At the back of the sound module, there is a DC-in jack. Just use the AC adapter to connect to your nearest wall socket, and you're in business.


    Are Electronic Drums Loud?

    They're far quieter than acoustic drums, and electronic drums never need tuning—but some brands are noisier than others. To end all noise as you know it, you'll need to buy a Noise Eater sound isolation board or KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal. It may take an extra $200 to make your playing space acoustic-friendly.


    What Is a Sound Module?

    Sometimes known as the 'brain' of electronic drum kits, the sound module converts the impact of your drum stick into sound. Some modules will let you shape your sound with effects and virtual instruments, as well as enable you to play along to backing tracks or simulate acoustic drum kits using inbuilt technology.


    Is It Easy to Fix a Broken Pad?

    Yes. The pads don't wear out easily, and they're covered by the manufacturer's guarantee for a year. Without warranty coverage, you just replace the worn-out pad.


    Can I Integrate an Acoustic Drum Kit into My Electronic Kit?

    The answer's yes. You'll need to buy a few additional stands, so you can position your electronic drum and cymbal pads around your acoustic kit. The drum module must be placed in a convenient position, plus a monitor for electronics, an amp, or sound system access.


    Can I Play Acoustic Drums Through My Electronic Drum Module?

    Yes, you can use triggers attached to your acoustic drum and wired to the drum module.


    Should I Use Regular Drum Sticks?

    Yes, they're fine to use. Wood and nylon tips work well on both V-Cymbals and V-Pads, though there are companies who have developed sticks specifically for use with electronic drum kits.


    The Last Word

    Any questions about choosing the right electronic drum kit? Don’t hesitate to ask us. We live and breathe drums at Drum Center of Portsmouth. All we want to do is help set you up with the best tools you need to make great music.

    Visit our blog for the latest reviews about drum kits, products, and parts. Alternatively, just give us a call at (603) 319-8109 or come on down to our friendly store.

  • 5 Rock Ride Cymbals - Choosing The Best For You

    Do you play in a rock band? If so, chances are good you need the correct ride cymbal to keep up with those guitar amps. You’ll want enough ping to be articulate, a bell that will pierce through a Marshall stack, and a crash that drives home a crescendo. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we specialize in rocking out. We’ve put together a short list of 5 awesome ride cymbals that we think will take your rock to the next level!

    Zildjian K Custom Hybrid Ride Cymbal 21"

    This innovative ride blends the articulate stick response and clear bell sound of the K Custom ride with the crash-ability and wash of a thinner, lathed cymbal. The lathed outer section gives you softer, darker sound while the inner area and the bell produce pronounced, brighter tones.

    Paiste Signature Reflector Bell Ride Cymbal 22"

    Without sounding bias, the Paiste Signature Reflector Bell Ride is probably our favorite rock ride. Ever. It does everything you want a rock ride cymbal to do. Perfect ping, a monsterous bell, and thin enough to produce a musical, yet powerful crash. While the price tag is a little heavy, this may be the only ride you’ll ever need, and in our opinion worth it.

    Sabian HH Raw Bell Dry Ride Cymbal 21"

    With a dark, unlathed raw bell delivering clear, cutting strokes, and ride area putting out crisp responses with the perfect amount of spread, the Sabian 21" HH Raw Bell Dry Ride is designed to deliver at any volume, in any style of music. Sabian introduces HH Remastered - with more hammering, more complexity, and more tone. As a result, HH Rides sound more traditional and complex. Much like a remastered classic album is taken from the great to the sublime, HH Remastered adds complexity and tone to each cymbal, delivering unmatched sonic texture across the entire line.

    Meinl Classics Custom Dark Ride 22”

    This 22" Meinl Classics Custom Dark Ride cymbal is crafted from B10 bronze alloy, and features a unique twist on the traditional design of these cymbals. A special finishing process gives this ride an abundance of complex, dark and warm overtones with as ton of glassy ping. The Classics Custom Dark Ride combines bright attack with an earthy sustain, and a clear cutting bell that will be heard through any mix. You can use this beefy ride for absolutely any style of music that requires strong articulation. We proudly carry Meinl cymbals at the Drum Center of Portsmouth.

    Istanbul Agop Xist Brilliant Raw Ride Cymbal 22"

    When most people think of Istanbul Agop Ride Cymbals, they think big, papery, dark cymbals that are ideal for low volume applications. While that is the case most of the time, the Xist Brilliant Raw Ride Cymbal is one Agop     that you can be comfortable rocking out with. By combining more modern production techniques with traditional cymbal making processes, Istanbul is able to offer professional quality at a price that is accessible to drummers at any level. If you are looking for a distinctive ping, you need to put this one on your list!

    There you go. Five rock rides that we can confidently recommend to any drummer looking to project clear, musical tone. At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we can also help get you fitted with one hundred other ride cymbals that might be just right for your musical situation. Call us at (603) 319-8109, and talk to a real drummer today!

  • New Sabian HHX Cymbals - Thin, Medium, Complex

    After the somewhat controversial rebranding of Sabian, we were very excited to learn that they were cleaning up their HHX line with some new offerings that were straight forward enough for anyone unfamiliar with the brand to understand. We reviewed these 3 new HHX lines: Thin, Medium and Complex in our latest video feature.
  • British Drum Company Snare Drum Showcase

    At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we put a value on new sounds. We also value drum manufacturers who are passionate about the art of drum making. Enter British Drum Company.

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