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  • Sonor Vintage 3pc Jazz Drum Set BLOWOUT DEAL

    This is a SMOKING deal on a Made in Germany Sonor Vintage Series kit!

    Shell pack includes 20x14 bass drum, 12x8 tom, and 14x12 floor tom. Drums only; hardware/cymbals sold separately.Celebrating the 140th anniversary of the company, SONOR brings back an iconic look and sound of the time between the 1950s and early 1970s. The SONOR team, in cooperation with artists and collectors, worked tirelessly to bring the Vintage Series drums as close as possible to the look, feel, and sound of its predecessor, the Teardrop drums. SONOR combined its knowledge of modern drum building with the look and sound of vintage drums to create an instrument that will hold up to today's modern playing. Like the original Teardrop drums, the VINTAGE series drums feature hand-selected premium German Beech shells with rounded bearing edges. SONOR has carefully recreated the look of the 1950s teardrop lug and updated it with SONORs exclusive Tunesafe tuning system. Not overlooking any details, SONOR has redesigned the Superprofil triple flanged hoops, and brought back the timeless SONOR logo and badge used between 1952 and 1961.

    Source: Sonor Vintage 3pc Jazz Drum Set Vintage Natural BLOWOUT DEAL | Drum Center of Portsmouth

  • Tama Soundworks Maple Snare Drum 14x6.5 Black Lacebark Pine | Drum Center of Portsmouth

    It's hard to beat this deal.  Just a few left! 

    Wapped in visually intricate Lacebark Pine, this limited Tama Soundworks Maple snare delivers an exotic look and excellent sound at an affordable price. Soundworks snare drums are constructed with six carefully selected plies of 100% Maple, for a 5mm thin shell. Each shell is carefully molded and bearing edges are cut with extreme precision for fine sensitivity. Tama's Sound Arc hoop and 10 lugs add focus and sonic depth. Soundworks Maple offers a musical balance of attack, combined with a warm tone suitable for any style of music.

    Source: Tama Soundworks Maple Snare Drum 14x6.5 Black Lacebark Pine | Drum Center of Portsmouth

  • The best cymbal sets are here, packaged at special prices!

    When it comes to cymbal packs, most of them have some good cymbals, with some bad ones mixed in.   It seems that there wasn't any thought that went in to them.  But I understand, the companies want to put regular, standard sized cymbals in the box, and the inexperienced drummer won't know the difference.

    We know the difference.

    That's why we designed these sets that are drummer optimized, and ready for the stage, studio, or home use.  We agonized over just the right sizes and sounds, and the end result is something we're incredibly proud of, the Drum Center of Portsmouth Box Sets.

    Bringing these on is a large investment for us but I believe that once you play them, you'll agree that these are the sets to go with.  We hope you enjoy them.

    View our DCP designed cymbal box sets here.

  • Sonor Session Snare Drum 14x5.5- Blowout Deal! | Drum Center of Portsmouth

    North American Maple Shell - Cherry Red Lacquer Finish - 14x5.5. Closeout deal, grab it while it lasts!

    Source: Sonor Session Snare Drum 14x5.5- Blowout Deal! | Drum Center of Portsmouth

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