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Pearl Masterworks

  • Pearl Masters Maple Gum Drum Set Review

    The Newest Entry in the Pearl Lineup

    In 2017, Pearl’s introduced the Sonic Select Shell Recipe to its Masterworks line. The 6-ply Maple Gum shell configuration was in response to their artists that were asking for a Gretsch-like sound for the recording studio. The classic tone of the Sonic Select shell quickly became a best-seller due to its explosive midrange warmth and extended low-end power. New for 2019, the Studio Recipe will be available for a limited time as Masters Maple/Gum series drums.

    Masterworks-Level Quality at a More Affordable Price

    In order to keep costs down on the Pearl Masters Maple Gum line, options and configurations are relatively limited. Two shell packs are offered in a pre-selected offering of hand-lacquered and wrapped finishes. Masters Maple Gum shells are comprised of vault-cured EvenPly-Six layered premium North American Maple and Gum wood shell with 60-degree edges. Toms and snares feature Mastercast Die-Cast hoops, and Pearl’s CL bridge lugs for reduced shell contact and improved resonance.

    Other desirable hardware touches include Pearl’s Aluminum Opti-Mounts, SP/CW300 spurs, LG200 floor tom legs, and insulated die-cast bass drum claws found on their Reference Series line.

    The Sound

    The Maple Gum shells on this Pearl Masters kit deliver everything you’d expect from the classic formula Gretsch sound with a touch of cut that is decidedly Pearl.

    Fat, woody tone projects from the 60 degree rounded edges that is warm and vibrant. The rounded edges also lend to a good tuning range.  We cranked them up pretty high before they started to choke out.

    If you’re a die-hard Pearl fan looking for the classic tone celebrated by players and engineers alike, the Masters Maple Gum line is a fantastic choice. We just hope you like the limited finishes and configurations that are available! These drums are extremely limited, so get them while you can!

    We are Pearl experts at Drum Center of Portsmouth.  We can help you choose the Pearl Masters, Masterworks, Reference, or Roadshow drum set of your dreams!

  • Pearl Masterworks Stadium Drum Set Review

    If you walk into the Drum Center of Portsmouth at any given time, chances are good you’ll hear so 80’s metal playing through our speakers.  It’s no secret the owner likes his big drum sounds from this era. That’s why we weren’t surprised when he returned from the 2018 NAMM show with the biggest Pearl Masterworks Stadium Drum Set we’d ever seen.

    Pearl Masterworks Stadium Drum Set

    What’s Old is New

    Pearl Masterworks Stadium recipe shells are the sound from big 80’s rock.  Originally made popular by the Sonor Signature line, thick shells and deep toms were the fashion of the day. Other manufacturers followed - Tama released their famous Artstar Cordia line, and Pearl followed up with the “Custom Z” series.  As the 90’s rolled around, grunge worked its way east from Seattle, taking most of the big drums with it.

    Power. Toms.

    If you identify with the huge, rumbling tone of 80’s drums, the Pearl Masterworks Stadium Shell Drum Set is right up your alley.  Our review kit features thick 8-ply maple toms with 10-ply floor toms, bass drums and snare drum. The 10, 12, 13 rack toms are in “power tom” depths (of course) and the floor toms are a massive pair of 16 and 18 inch beauties.

    THICC Maple shells

    Refined Rumble

    The Pearl Masterworks Stadium Drum set is indeed 100% rock in tone, but its build and appearance is nothing short of breathtaking artistry.  The massive maple shells are wrapped in Artisan Exotic Zebrawood and finished with transparent Tiger Yellow Gloss. The 2.3mm Power Hoops and Reference style lugs are nickel plated, tying everything together nicely.

    2.3mm Pearl Super Hoops

    Power vs. Practicality

    Let’s be completely honest.  An 8-piece double bass drum set in 80’s power tom sizes isn’t the most practical kit for every gigging drummer.  Sitting behind this kit is the equivalent of a rollercoaster ride with Iron Maiden blasting in your ear drums - it’s intense!  Every drum rumbles with powerful low end projection and tremendous sustain, especially the floor toms. The 18x16 is just plain scary.  The 14x6.5 Snare drum is among the best maple snare drums we’ve played, featuring die cast hoops and a magnificently sensitive strainer.

    The perfect Maple snare

    If you long for the drum sound of Steve Smith and Nicko McBrain in the 80’s, the Pearl Masterworks Stadium shell recipe is just what the doctor ordered.  As an added bonus, you get artisan grade aesthetics and elite craftsmanship, ensuring these drums will still be around when it’s cool to have a mullet again!

    Trust Drum Center of Portsmouth for Your Pearl Masterworks Build

    Creating your own Pearl Masterworks Drum Set is amazing because of the limitless options you have to choose from.  Creating your own Pearl Masterworks Drum Set is also somewhat daunting because of the limitless options you have to choose from.  We speak Masterworks. Talk to the pros at Drum Center of Portsmouth to confidently craft your ideal Pearl Masterworks drum sound!

  • Pearl Masterworks Drum Set Review

    Pearl Masterworks - The Flagship Luxury Drum Line

    Pearl Masterworks Drums are the pinnacle of Pearl R&D.  While many drum makers offer custom drums,  Masterworks drum sets are a timeless heirloom crafted to elevate the custom drum concept to a whole new level.  We decided to take the plunge on an exceptionally elegant 4 piece rock kit with Nickel hardware in our latest video review.

    Massive Sound with Pristine Elegance

    This magnificent Masterworks kit is a bit of a contradiction.  The specs say brash rock and roll, but the attention to detail is that of fine furniture.  The kick drum is 24x14 and delivers an immediate low end punch that hits you in the chest.  The mount-less 13x9 rack tom features single point STL lugs that allow for smooth resonance.  Rounding out the set are two boomy floor toms - a 16x16 and a massive 18x16.  The 18 inch floor tom is one of the most impressive sounding drums we have ever experienced.  Period.

    Endless Exotic Shell Construction Options

    What makes the Pearl Masterworks line of custom drums so custom is the shell configuration options.  Choose from Maple, Birch, African Mahogany, Gumwood, or even create your own Composite Shells.  Shell thickness options include THIN (4-ply, 5mm w/ 4-ply Reinforcement Rings), MEDIUM (6-ply, 7.5mm), and THICK (8-ply, 10mm and 10-ply, 12.5mm).

    Pearl offers seven Artisan Exotic veneers: Cameroon Tamo, Black Limba, Flame Maple African, Zebrawood, Bubinga, Eucalyptus, and Carbonply.  They don't stop there.  They also offer a choice of interiors - Artisan Veneers, Fiberglass, and CarbonPly.

    Our Masterworks review kit is comprised of 2 plys of highly figured Tamo Ash inside and out over inner core plies of Mahogany.  This results in a truly unique sound that blends warm, round tone with immediate stick attack.  The thin shells with Mastercast hoops give this kit a sound that is similar to a Gretsch USA kit with slightly more attack.

    We Are an Authorized Pearl Masterworks Concierge Dealer

    At DCP, we are an Authorized Pearl Masterworks Concierge Dealer, that's a fancy way of saying that we can give you your best deal on the custom Masterworks drum set of your dreams.  Whether you're looking for one of their Sonic-Select Shell Recipes, or something from your own design, Drum Center of Portsmouth is your home for Pearl Masterworks drum sets!

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