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Pearl DCP 10th Anniversary Sensitone Brass Snare Drum

The Return Of A Legend

Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of inquires about discontinued drums.  At the top of that list is the Pearl Steve Ferrone 14x6.5 Brass Snare drum.  At face value, the Ferrone black nickel over brass snare was little more than a Ludwig Black Beauty clone. Sure, it was gussied up with gold hardware, but was there anything to its sound that made it special?  Absolutely.

Something about the sum of its parts made the Steve Ferrone Signature model snare a sonic marvel, especially in recording studios.  If you look at any decent sample library, you will find THAT sound. Beautiful mid-range with an unusual amount of low-end made the Ferrone a truly unique snare drum.

Eventually, Steve moved on to a Gretsch endorsement.  When he did, Gretsch created their own version of the black nickel over brass snare with gold hardware, but to many, it just didn’t have the same x-factor as the Pearl model.  Surprisingly, Pearl abandoned the Ferrone design when he left and enthusiasts were left to scramble for used Ferrone Signature model on the internet...until now!

The Specs

If you are looking for a well rounded snare for a variety of musical styles, you can't go wrong with a Pearl Sensitone! This limited edition Pearl 6.5x14 SensiTone Beaded Brass snare drum has a thin 1mm black nickel over brass shell that projects a warm, vintage style tone. This shell is able to sustain its tone thanks to classic gold plated tube lug design, which make minimal contact with the shell. The Gold Pearl SuperHoop II Hoops also give the shell a little extra room to breathe. The Pearl DCP 10th Anniversary Sensitone Brass Snare Drum also comes equipped with a gold-plated Gladstone-style throw off that is durable and highly adjustable.

Get Them While You Can!

These legendary recreations are EXTREMELY limited.  Once they’re gone, that’s it. These drums sound amazing, and will be both a versatile workhorse AND a collector’s showpiece!