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Drum Center of Portsmouth Blog

  • DCP Masterclass with Todd Sucherman!

    Todd Sucherman Masterclass at Drum Center of Portsmouth!

  • Tricky 2002s // Walkthrough Wednesday

    This week on Walkthrough Wednesday:

    Tom is checking out the new VMT1 series from Trick Drums​. The kit sizes are 22x14/13x9/16x16 and the matching snare is 14x6.5. To Tom's left is a candy red 3mm custom aluminum, which is to DIE for!

    To round out the kit we have a selection of custom ordered red Paiste​ 2002s!
    22" ride, 18" Medium and 15" Sound Edge Hats!

  • DW Collectors 45th Anniversary "Sapphire" 6pc Drum Set | Drum Center of Portsmouth

    To commemorate 45 years as The Drummer’s Choice, Drum Workshop proudly offers The Collector’s Series 45th Anniversary drum set. Each drum is hand-crafted at the DW California Custom Shop using hand-selected Norwegian Spruce from the Fiemme Valley in Northern Italy; the very region where wood is responsibly forested for some of the world’s most coveted and valuable orchestral stringed instruments. Four plies of the shell, both inner and outer, are finished in select European Sycamore. The face material is crafted from rare, highly-figured, quarter-cut European Sycamore exotic veneer, and features a meticulous Natural-to-Candy Black Burst Lacquer Specialty finish. An intricate center inlay is laser-cut and hand-assembled from exotic woods including Italian Grey Poplar, Black-Dyed Pearwood, and Blue Sapphire-Dyed Koto wood. The classic F-Hole artwork pays tribute to world-renown violin makers, and the Roman numerals commemorate DW’s milestone. Each instrument is also complemented by DW Custom Shop nickel-plated hardware and a host of drummer-friendly, professional features including True-Hoops™, True-Pitch 50 Tuning, S.T.M (Suspension Tom Mounts), M.A.G. Throw-Off System with 3P (3 position butt plate), DW Heads by Remo U.S.A and more. The pre-configured 6-piece set includes 8x10, 9x12, 12x14, and 14x16 toms; 18x22 bass drum; and 6.5x14 matching snare drum. A signed certificate of authenticity accompanies the collectable. Only 145 will ever be produced.SO 1074333.

    Source: DW Collectors 45th Anniversary "Sapphire" 6pc Drum Set | Drum Center of Portsmouth

  • A Montineri Dream // Walkthrough Wednesday

    This week on Walkthrough Wednesday... Tom gives some love to some seriously awesome Montineri Custom Drums! The kit is a 3pc D'Luxx BeBop (18/12/14) and two "Very Vintage" snare drums, a 14x5 and a monstrous 15x7. We also picked out a couple sweet Dream Cymbals​ to complete the set up... ENJOY!

  • Gretsch USA Copper Snare Drum 14x6.5 Black Plated | Drum Center of Portsmouth

    The Gretsch USA snare drum program is legendary - there's a wide range of tones available, lovingly built by craftsmen using only the top quality materials. Copper's inherent softness makes for a drum that is warm and articulate while at the same time having the cut and presence of a metal shell. The drum's almost wood-like tonal quality is perfect for situations that require both power and clear stick definition. The 1mm polished copper shell also comes with our Micro-Sensitive throw, 42-Strand snare wires, die cast hoops and a 'Snap-In' key holder.

    Source: Gretsch USA Copper Snare Drum 14x6.5 Black Plated | Drum Center of Portsmouth

  • Double Kickin' // Walkthrough Wednesday

    On this week's Walkthrough Wednesday... Tom shows off a monstrous double bass Pearl Masterworks kit from the 2018 NAMM show, we are also proud to bring RBH Drums​ into our growing family of snare drums, so Tom is taking a beautiful birdseye maple solid ply for a spin!

    We finish up in the cymbal section with some awesome new models from UFIP​, ENJOY!

  • Drum Center of Portsmouth on NH Chronicle This Week!

    Hello Friends!

    DCP received a visit from the folks at NH Chronicle.

    They enjoyed it so much they decided to camp out and do a week's worth of shows hosting from here!  It is airing each night this week, the week of February 26th on WMUR.  It's on right after the news, at 7pm.

    We hope you are able to tune in!


  • Sonor Vintage 3pc Jazz Drum Set BLOWOUT DEAL

    This is a SMOKING deal on a Made in Germany Sonor Vintage Series kit!

    Shell pack includes 20x14 bass drum, 12x8 tom, and 14x12 floor tom. Drums only; hardware/cymbals sold separately.Celebrating the 140th anniversary of the company, SONOR brings back an iconic look and sound of the time between the 1950s and early 1970s. The SONOR team, in cooperation with artists and collectors, worked tirelessly to bring the Vintage Series drums as close as possible to the look, feel, and sound of its predecessor, the Teardrop drums. SONOR combined its knowledge of modern drum building with the look and sound of vintage drums to create an instrument that will hold up to today's modern playing. Like the original Teardrop drums, the VINTAGE series drums feature hand-selected premium German Beech shells with rounded bearing edges. SONOR has carefully recreated the look of the 1950s teardrop lug and updated it with SONORs exclusive Tunesafe tuning system. Not overlooking any details, SONOR has redesigned the Superprofil triple flanged hoops, and brought back the timeless SONOR logo and badge used between 1952 and 1961.

    Source: Sonor Vintage 3pc Jazz Drum Set Vintage Natural BLOWOUT DEAL | Drum Center of Portsmouth

  • Accessorizzzzzzin' // Walkthrough Wednesday

    This week on Walkthrough Wednesday... We check out some killer new accessories from Creative Percussion and British Drum Co., and Tom checks out some gorgeous new Istanbul Agop cymbals!

    Oh yeah, and a stunning new drum from Unix, enjoy!!


  • Sabian Artisan Light Hi Hat Cymbals 14" | Drum Center of Portsmouth

    Dudes. These hats are extremely nice. Someone please buy them so I don't have to. Because they're beautiful. So, so beautiful.

    Deep, dark and rich, 14" Artisan Light Hats deliver complex tone with crisp yet soft stick sounds, for dynamic responses at all levels. With their high-density hand hammering design for musically-rich dark tone, Artisan Hats have always been synonymous with masterpiece. Artisan Light Hats now offer drummers all of that Artisan sound for low-volume situations. The key to this new design lies in pairing a thin-crash weight top with a medium-light weight bottom, resulting in lower-pitched tone than Sabian's regular Artisan Hats. This combination also adds more complexity and more open sound, which in turn makes them a great choice for lower volume situations. However, drummers would be wrong to view these as exclusively intended for low volume. While not designed for loud and heavy bands, their complexity and rich, dark tone are ideal for virtually any other setting.

    Source: Sabian Artisan Light Hi Hat Cymbals 14" | Drum Center of Portsmouth

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