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Ludwig Super Series Snare Drums

Ludwig is releasing a handful of new snare drums and drum sets to celebrate their 110th anniversary. Super Ludwig Series Snare drums are aesthetically new takes on some of the most popular snare drums in history. We checked out 2 of these in our latest snare drum review video.

New for 2019 - Ludwig Super Series Snare Drums

A New Standard

Originally released in 1960, the Ludwig “Standard” model snare quickly became popular for its incredibly unique tone. Super Ludwig series drums pay homage to the original workhorse, with the convenience of modern manufacturing techniques.

Ludwig Super Brass - LB403

A New Look

The Super Ludwig (LB402BN) model is chrome over brass shell while the Super Brass (LB403) is a lacquered brass shell. Both models are trimmed in nickel hardware and the ultra-reliable P88-AC throwoff. These two models also fashion highly-collectible transition badge versions that were predecessors to the original standard 1960 models that featured chrome hardware.  Ludwig Super Series Snare drums are available in 14x6.5 and 14x5.

Transitional-Era badge

The Same Great Sound

Ludwig Super Series Snare Drums sound just like their traditional counterparts - perfect for stage or studio. The 1.2mm seamless brass shell delivers the bright, vintage vibe of yesteryear. The chrome plating on the Super Ludwig Model bumps up the brightness and crispness just a touch from the lacquered shell of the LB403. Tuned up or tuned down, these snare drums deliver THAT unique Ludwig sound that studio engineers lust for!

Ludwig LB402BN Seamless Brass Shell

It’s no secret that we love Ludwig snare drums. We stock a huge selection of Ludwigs, and our sales staff is the most knowledgeable when it comes to the iconic Monroe, North Carolina company. When you are ready to up your snare game, give a pro drummer a call at the Drum Center of Portsmouth!