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Italian Drums Hit Different - Tamburo Snare Drums Review

Italian Drums Hit Different - Tamburo Snare Drums Review

Italian Drums Hit Different - Tamburo Snare Drums Review

Here at the Drum Center of Portsmouth, we carry hundreds of different snare drums. With so many to choose from, it can be easy to become a little jaded. When we decided to start carrying drums from Italian manufacturer, “Tamburo”, we did so with unbridled enthusiasm. Why? Tamburo snare drums sound different, because they are built differently. Our latest snare drum review video focuses on 5 different flavors of Tamburo. 


Originally designed in 1982, the stave-constructed OPERA series has an unmistakable timbre that’s never lost, regardless of how it’s tuned. Its dynamic, defined sound, together with its custom, unique aesthetics, make for a sophisticated, prestigious instrument. The staves, which measure 6mm, are made from five layers of Birch, with an additional external High Pressure Laminate covering that gives the instrument its finish and color. To produce a lighter but solid polyhedral cylinder, the shell is “bound” using internal Beech reinforcement rings that give it its compact nature.



Tamburo Unika Series Snare Drum shells consist of a “sandwich” structure, with two strong High Pressure Laminate layers that have a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm to 0.9mm, depending on the type of color and finish. These elements are connected by an internal band made from three alternate one-millimeter wooden layers. This particular structure lends considerable strength and stability to the shell. The rigid, lightweight Unika series shell provides perfect contact with the drum head, lending to its extraordinary tuning range. In addition to providing a strong anchor point for the lugs, the internal HPL layer (a material not previously used to make drums) makes the shell waterproof, thus preventing deterioration over time.



Tamburo Drums expands its offer by introducing a brand new series of Made In Italy Metal Snare Drums. Aluminum and Steel Snare Drums with defined sound with classic finishes and a completely original design. All Tamburo Metal Snare series are equipped with Tamburo’s unique ST (Strong Traction) Lug, a lightweight and precise magnetic snare strainer with a lateral lever, and 25-strand steel snare wires.

We are excited to be one of the only dealers in the United States carrying these fine Italian instruments. If you have any questions about getting fitted for your new Tamburo Drums, give us a call at (603)319-8109 or shoot us an email!

2 months ago