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Hendrix Snare Drums at Drum Center of Portsmouth

Your Uncle Builds Snare Drums

Let’s face it. There are nearly as many “boutique” snare drum builders as there are podcasters nowadays. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a woodworking enthusiast who also figured out how to make a semi-decent looking drum with their father’s woodworking tools. While many custom builders have figured out how to create a drum that is pleasing to the eyes, few put as much effort into the SOUND.

The Hendrix Difference

Hendrix Snare Drums are designed to be your main axe. These are arguably some of the loudest, most sensitive, and tonal wood snares that we have ever played. Each instrument is brimming with high end features that all work together to make some of the best sounding, best looking, and most versatile stave snare drums you can buy.

At the heart of a Hendrix Snare drum is a 1/4" thin drum shell with 1/2" thick reinforcement rings that are carved out of the actual staves. Unlike other reinforced snares, these re-rings are not glued in, they are part of the shell. The thin shell wall allows the drum to be open and resonant with a very large tuning range and retains its full body no matter how high you tune it.

Hendrix Stave Snares are available in two types of finishes, Mirror Gloss and Satin. The former is not a "lacquer" finish, it’s actually a polyester finish. Polyester is very hard and more durable than lacquer, albeit very expensive to work with. We think you’ll agree it’s money well spent when you have your first look.

Ultra High End Components

S-Hoops are another excellent feature on HD Snare Drums. These hoops blend the best aspects of flanged hoops and die-cast hoops together. S-Hoops feature a natural resonance like flanged hoops, but are also rigid like a die-cast hoop, so they generate loud cracking rim shots and cross sticks. Unlike diecast hoops, they won’t choke the drum.

Proprietary Lug Design

The HD lug is a small single point lug. The lug body is machined from solid aluminum, to cause as little hindrance to the shells resonance as possible. Vibrations pass through the lugs more easily, resulting in greater shell resonance.  They are also very light weight, so the shell is not weighed down allowing the drum to resonate more freely. These light, chrome plated lugs feature a threaded insert also floats in the lug body allowing it to be adjusted toward or away from the shell while remaining parallel to the shell body. This ensures perfect tension rod alignment regardless of head seating.


Add to this dual-adjustable Fat Cat Wires, 30 Degree roundover bearing edges, and sleeved washers and you have all the makings of a fantastic looking AND sounding instrument!

Get Your HD from DCP

At Drum Center of Portsmouth, we are very particular about whose drums we will carry. We are all about SOUND FIRST. Hendrix had us at day one with their fantastic line up of snare drums and drum sets.

If you are also particular about which drums live in your house, we suggest checking out our huge inventory of Hendrix Drums.  You’ll be glad you did!