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  • Shane is in the new Drumhead Magazine!

    Drumhead Magazine has published a very special issue entitled "Ensnared, A Tribute to Snare Drums".  This is an incredibly in depth issue with over 40 of the top drummers around the globe discussing the tools of their trade, what they've used them on, and other tales surrounding them.

    Shane has had the luxury of playing more snare drums than the average drummer, and he  was asked to supply an editorial on snare drums.  This is about as in depth as he has gotten in print discussing snare drums, there may be a thing or two that you'll learn about him and the drums at Drum Center of Portsmouth.

    This is a limited release, so get your copy now!

    We have them available here!


  • Drum Center of Portsmouth 9th Anniversary Celebration!

    Our Biggest Sale of the Year - Free Food - Giveaways - Celebrity Guests and More!

    Those who have been before know: This is probably the greatest day of the year when it comes to the drum store experience.   We have THOUSANDS of dollars of free giveaways, food, our biggest sale of the year, and we will have some group lessons too!

     Saturday, June 9th from 10-5
    Drum Center of Portsmouth
    144 Lafayette Road
    North Hampton NH


  • Meet Simon Phillips!

    Simon Phillips and Protocol are coming to Portsmouth, New Hampshire!

    Drum Center of Portsmouth is thrilled to give you a chance to say hello to one of the greatest drummers of all time!



    Simon Phillips (Toto, The Who, Judas Priest, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, Modern Drummer Hall of Fame ) will be here at DCP on Wednesday, May 30th signing autographs.
    This event is FREE to the public, and it happens from 5:30-7. Simon's band Protocol will be playing 3S Artspace the following night (which you really attend, tix are available here)



  • So Mellow. So Good.

    2194 grams of pure bliss! This Paiste Masters 'Blue Bird' Mellow ride is a joy to play. The stick sound is crisp and articulate, but it's far from "pingy". The wash is always there but never in the way. The medium pitch is pleasant and balanced, without any stray overtones.

    I'll be honest: if you're playing metal, this isn't the cymbal for you ... but if you're playing basically anything else, this will fit right in!



  •  Drum Center of Portsmouth Masterclass with Simon Phillips!

    Simon Phillips

    We have a very special opportunity: Simon Phillips (Toto, The Who, Judas Priest, Gary Moore, Michael Schenker, Modern Drummer Hall of Fame ) will be here at DCP on Wednesday, May 30th.  He will be hosting a small masterclass that we're limiting to 25 people only.  Simon will have his full set up and attendees will be able to get a rare opportunity to learn from one of the greats!

    The Masterclass is from 3pm-5pm on Wednesday, May 30th, here at Drum Center of Portsmouth.

    There will be a meet and greet from 5:30-7 that is free to the public.

    You can reserve your seat by clicking the link here.


  • It Did Get Loud // Walkthrough Wednesday

    This week on Walkthrough Wednesday... Tony gets LOUD as we take a look at two ridiculous Dunnett 2n brass snares and some appropriately named Yamaha Loud Series drums at a killer price. Enjoy!


    For more info on the two Dunnett snare drums featured in this video, click the links below!

    Dunnett Classic 2N Chrome Over Brass Snare Drum 14x6.5 w/ Raw Brass Lugs


    Dunnett Classic 2N Triple Brass Snare Drum 14x6.5



    To learn more about the Yamaha Loud Series Snare Drums, check out the following links.

    Temple Silver



    Solid Silver





    Blue Sparkle Sunburst





    Habanero Sparkle Sunburst

  • DCP Masterclass with Todd Sucherman!

    Todd Sucherman Masterclass at Drum Center of Portsmouth!

  • Gretsch USA Copper Snare Drum 14x6.5 Black Plated | Drum Center of Portsmouth

    The Gretsch USA snare drum program is legendary - there's a wide range of tones available, lovingly built by craftsmen using only the top quality materials. Copper's inherent softness makes for a drum that is warm and articulate while at the same time having the cut and presence of a metal shell. The drum's almost wood-like tonal quality is perfect for situations that require both power and clear stick definition. The 1mm polished copper shell also comes with our Micro-Sensitive throw, 42-Strand snare wires, die cast hoops and a 'Snap-In' key holder.

    Source: Gretsch USA Copper Snare Drum 14x6.5 Black Plated | Drum Center of Portsmouth

  • Drum Center of Portsmouth on NH Chronicle This Week!

    Hello Friends!

    DCP received a visit from the folks at NH Chronicle.

    They enjoyed it so much they decided to camp out and do a week's worth of shows hosting from here!  It is airing each night this week, the week of February 26th on WMUR.  It's on right after the news, at 7pm.

    We hope you are able to tune in!


  • Sabian Artisan Light Hi Hat Cymbals 14" | Drum Center of Portsmouth

    Dudes. These hats are extremely nice. Someone please buy them so I don't have to. Because they're beautiful. So, so beautiful.

    Deep, dark and rich, 14" Artisan Light Hats deliver complex tone with crisp yet soft stick sounds, for dynamic responses at all levels. With their high-density hand hammering design for musically-rich dark tone, Artisan Hats have always been synonymous with masterpiece. Artisan Light Hats now offer drummers all of that Artisan sound for low-volume situations. The key to this new design lies in pairing a thin-crash weight top with a medium-light weight bottom, resulting in lower-pitched tone than Sabian's regular Artisan Hats. This combination also adds more complexity and more open sound, which in turn makes them a great choice for lower volume situations. However, drummers would be wrong to view these as exclusively intended for low volume. While not designed for loud and heavy bands, their complexity and rich, dark tone are ideal for virtually any other setting.

    Source: Sabian Artisan Light Hi Hat Cymbals 14" | Drum Center of Portsmouth

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