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DW Collectors Series Showcase!

So Many Shell Options - What's Right for You?

DW Collectors Series Drum Sets offer so many different shell configurations, it can be a little confusing.  Not only do you have a ton of finish and size options, you can also choose your shell material.  This is where things can really seem daunting.  What's the difference between an SSC Maple shell and a Maple/Spruce shell?  What the heck does Cherry even sound like?  Don't Worry!  Drum Center of Portsmouth has got your back.  We demo 5 variations of DW Collectors Series Drum Sets in our latest comparison video.

DW Collectors Series SSC Maple

Tonality. Thump. Resonant. These words best articulate our opinion of this DW Collectors SSC Maple 5pc Drum Set in elegantly understated Satin Natural Oil finish.  These thin shells with re-rings are the classic DW sound.  Punchy and well rounded, SSC shells give you a tremendous amount of versatility.

DW Collectors Series Cherry/Spruce

Going into this comparison, we weren't sure what to expect from the Collectors Cherry/Spruce kit.  We've heard a few Cherry kits in the past, which shared many birch-like qualities.  The addition of Spruce warms up the tone with a little extra low end, giving this Collectors Series recipe a truly unique voice.

DW Collectors Series Maple/Mahogany

The sustain and projection of maple, married with the warmer quality of mahogany is fast becoming a favorite with studio and touring artists alike. This versatile wood combo comprised of mostly maple, with a mahogany inner and outer ply, is excellent for a wide variety of musical applications.  This gorgeous Pale Blue Oyster FinishPly wrap gives off a vintage aesthetic, but the tone projects a more modern vibe.  It gives you the versatile tone of maple, with a little extra emphasis on the low end.

DW Collectors Maple/Spruce

Punchy, warm, round tone is delivered in spades from this DW Collectors Maple/Spruce Drum Set in Natural Hard Satin.  The differences between this kit and a Pure Maple Collectors kit are relatively subtle, until you listen to them side by side.  The tone is decidedly Maple, but with a more leveled EQ sound.  It gives you every frequency in equal doses, which may just be your ideal drum sound!

DW Collectors Cherry/Mahogany

The last DW Collectors Series Hybrid shell kit we tested was this magnificent Cherry/Mahogany in Exotic Spalted Maple veneer.  This drum set was the most eye-catching, and its tone was by far the most unique.  The tone can be compared to birch on steroids.  Massive thump with a rich, buttery low end tone projects with epic volume.  We'll just go ahead and say it, this was our favorite.  Believe the hype on this one!

Drum Center of Portsmouth is your home for DW Collectors Series Drums

No matter what sound you're looking for in a drum set, DW has it.  Drum Center of Portsmouth has more DW kits in stock than most, and if we don't have it we'll help you dial in on the perfect custom order.  Check out our website for an amazing selection of DW Collectors Series Drums, or call us at (603)319-8109 with any DW questions you may have!