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Holiday Buyers Guide For Drummers

The Drum Center of Portsmouth 2022 Holiday Buyers Guide

Full disclosure, this is being written by a drummer who has made a few wish lists of his own over the years. I have a good instinct for what drummers want and need, and I've combined it with the items we're seeing the most demand for drum-wise in 2022. This catalog is meant to make it easier for you to shop for your drummer, but if you don't see what you're looking for, just go to the home page and access our entire inventory, right at your fingertips. If you still don't see what you need, shoot us a note here or call 603-319-8109 and one of us can help guide you in the right direction.  We're covering several categories here with hundreds of products, so let's start at the top of this mountain and look at some of the finest drum sets on the market today!


Dreamy High End Drum Sets

If you feel you're ready for the drum set of your dreams, then make it happen!  Here are some of the finest sets we have in the shop at the moment.  This is a fraction of what we have, but this is a curated list designed to make your mouth water. 

Ensnare your New Sound with a NEW Snare Drum

The biggest difference you can make to your sound is with your snare drum. Here are a few of our best selling, and best sounding snare drums at every price point.

Gotta Have Accessories

A Drummer can NEVER have enough gadgets and trinkets. Here's a list of the best accessories for the drummer in 2022.


Limited Edition and DCP Exclusives

A Drummer celebrates his or her individuality through the instruments they choose to play. Having an exclusive instrument created by drummers for drummers makes it that much more special.


Electronic Drums

Check out the hottest E-drum gear available today.


Cases & Bags

Cases and Bags are the best gift for a drummer, so they can spend their own money on items that provide some gratification. Drum cases are a necessary investment to protect your valued instruments.


Percussion Gift Ideas

Offering the most diverse sonic pallet, Percussion is often a lower cost way for a drummer to add a myriad of sounds to their drum set.


Drum Sticks

Another thing a drummer can never have enough of is drum sticks! Here's a list of our top selling drum sticks.




Good quality hardware is almost as pleasing as great sounding drums or cymbals, in that they support the abuse a drummer can dish out.



If it's cymbals you're needing, we have thousands in stock! Here's a smattering of the most in demand cymbals in 2022 at Drum Center of Portsmouth.