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Cymbal Drum Sets: Yay or Nay?

A cymbal crash is essential when playing the drums for different reasons. It can mark the transition into a new section of a song, be played as an accent, or marks the end of a tune. Yes, they are necessary if you want to take your playing to the next level.

With this being said, is a cymbal drum set a good investment in getting your drumming career off to a good start?

We all want the most value for our money, so what’s the best set out on the market? There isn’t a definitive answer since every drummer has a budget and plays unique music – at the end of the day, your ears will be the deciding factor! Your cymbal set needs to suit your musical tastes and fit with the rest of your drum set. But here are a few things to consider when browsing through potential cymbal box sets.

The Biggest Benefit Of Cymbals

Cymbals are an important part of a drum set. Buying as a set instead of individually is the will save you a large sum of money rather as opposed to buying everything separately.  

For example, our specially-designed, and exclusive Zildjian A Sweet Cymbal Pack has a retail value of $2,200, but are available for $799.95, ultimately saving you over $1400. In this set you will get the following:

  • 15” New Beats
  • 18” & 20” Thin Crashes
  • 23” Zildjian Sweet Ride Cymbal

Aside from the price value of a set, there are other reasons cymbal drum sets are a must-have. The problem you may run into when looking for a set is that there’s an overwhelming number of models to choose from.

Which ones should you start off with? Keep these key elements in mind to help you decide:


You want the most value for your money which is why you need to consider quality, more specifically, the material it’s made from. Most commonly made of bronze, cymbals may also be made from brass which results as being cheaper in price. You can, however, expect all cymbals to be made up of some bronze – a combination of copper and tin.

There are two types of bronze used for cymbals: B20 and B8. With this being said you have the following three options when it comes down to your set:

  • Brass – used for entry-level models
  • B20 – 80% copper and 20% tin
  • B8 – 92% copper and 8% tin

Bronze comprises most cymbal alloys making it a good material to start off with. The less tin a cymbal has the more focused it will sound offering higher frequencies. A good rule of thumb is that the higher the tin to copper ratio, the pricier it will be. If you have questions about the best material for you, learn more about the types of cymbals!

Types of Cymbals

When it comes down to types of cymbals you need to consider 4 categories: hi-hat, crash, effect, and ride. You’ll notice that each has a specific role to fulfill in a modern drum set.


typically range in sizes 14” to 18” and there is a 16” which is a good size for beginners. The sounds that crashes offer is explosive however not very long in duration. Keep in mind that the thicker the cymbal is the higher the pitch will be. Opposite to ride cymbals which hold down a steady rhythm, drummers use crashes to create defined and loud accents. You can play this type with your sticks, hands, or mallets.

Ride cymbals

range from 18” to as much as 26”. For beginners, consider a 20” or 22” as they will make a good starting point. Rides give short, distinct ping like sounds to ride sticking patterns like standard jazz patterns or eighth notes. Holding down that steady style for drummers, a ride cymbal is placed on the right side of the drummer assuming they’re right-handed.


are usually sold in pairs in conjunction with bass and snare drums. The bottom cymbal is just a bit thicker than the top one. The same rule we mentioned earlier about the thickness of cymbals applies here. The lower pitch will come from the thinner one. Sizes range from 12” to 14”. Hi-hats are operated by a pedal that opens and closes them.

Effect cymbals

are a great addition to add to your set, however, they are a little on the pricier side. There are a few kinds of effect cymbals among them being Splash and China that can really add a distinct signature sound to your playing.

  • The smaller accent cymbal is known as splashes and range in between 6” to 13”. You will find a wide variety of splashes such as the salsa splash or bell splash.
  • Next are the china cymbals which resemble Chinese gongs. They typical china bell is cone-shaped and are thin. They usually range between 12” to 26” in diameter. The sound of a china bell is often described as explosive and dark.

Effect cymbals are used in non-rhythmic ways to bring forward a burst of accents. These are essential to your drum kit allowing you to create your own special playing style.


If you want to start off your drumming career on the right foot, we suggest you look into cymbals. You don’t have to spend a fortune especially if you’re a beginner on a tight budget. Browse through our discounted options to find something that works for you! Always remember the difference between each type – they will change your sound!

As always, we are here if you have any questions & are dedicated to helping you find the right set for you. Our 100% satisfaction guarantee combined with our return policy allows our customers to shop with confidence. Best of luck and happy playing!

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